“We have made every effort to ensure that the coverage”

«On a tout mis en œuvre pour s’assurer de la couverture»

THE TOQUE— A pregnant woman in The Hat has launched a cry of the heart on the social networks, on Thursday, saying that there would be a violation of department of anesthesiology for three weeks in the month of April. The integrated Center for academic health and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec (CIUSSS-MCQ) wished to reassure the population and ensured that there would be of the service of anesthesiology.

“We want to be reassuring. At the present time, we do not anticipate any disruption of service in anesthesiology at the centre of services of the Upper Saint-Maurice. In our commitment to delivering a quality service to the population, we made every effort to ensure coverage,” said Valérie Provencher, information officer at CIUSSS-MCQ.

Catherine Girard is one of those who have denounced the situation on Facebook, Thursday. A situation that she found indefensible.

“This is unacceptable. They have kept it in silence. Most of the mothers were not aware. He had to say. […] It is already a stress to giving birth, is it possible to give birth in our city?”, she launched into the interview.

“I’m going to have a c-section and it is the surgeon who told me that there would be no anesthesiologists during these weeks. We were informed that if we couldn’t in good dates, we would be transferred to Shawinigan or Trois-Rivières because there was an anaesthetist one week in the month of April,” added Mrs. Girard.

If the CIUSSS-MCQ is reassuring, one is aware that he may have had “a grey area”.

“The only place where there may have been an imbroglio, is that currently on the list of doctors to cover the service, there are no names that are there specifically, but it is to fine tune it now. It has different actions that have been successful. It is perhaps in the meantime that there could be an area of concern, I don’t see anything else,” said Valérie Provencher.

The publication, Facebook has spread quickly and the stress was turned up a notch in pregnant women whose delivery date is scheduled in the month of April. The comments are also multiplied. Laurianne Petiquay is one of them.

“We had not been informed. I was worried to be a three-hour drive to a hospital because here I wouldn’t have had all the services for the health and safety of my baby and me”, she said in the Nouvelliste.

This would not have been the first time that the service center of The Hat would have ended up in a break of service in anesthesiology. Last July, in spite of all efforts, the service had been interrupted for nearly a week.


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