Vaccines frozen at the Polyclinic of the Cap

Vaccins gelés à la Polyclinique du Cap

Three-Rivers — Approximately 500 patients in the outpatient Clinic of the Cap have had a bad surprise a few days ago, learning that their vaccines desensitization for allergies had taken the path of the garbage because of a problem in the refrigeration system of this clinic).

The clinic keeps free bottles of desensitizing in a fridge to accommodate patients and ensure that the product is kept in a controlled environment. But the temperature has dramatically dropped in the refrigeration unit, which freeze the vaccines.

“There is a temperature sensor connected to an alarm central. The engine of the fridge was put in a position to freeze and it fell to -15 degrees, so that we keep the vaccines at 5 degrees. The reading to the alarm central has been badly done, the transmission of the information has been deficient, and the vaccines have frozen. And it has not been notified,” says dr. Peter Martin.

To take advantage of this storage service free of charge, patients must sign a release if ever a glitch occurs. The clinic has no insurance for the said service.

“We threw out the vaccines and it has been ordered,” said dr. Martin. And in addition, it has recently been delays in the delivery of vaccines and it was starting to happen. Therefore, multiple doses were to be renewed.”

Patients have obviously expressed their disappointment because of this incident that will have financial implications. The renewal of the order of the vaccines is at the expense of the beneficiaries.

“This is far from funny and not trivial, is doctor Martin. If it was for $ 200 vaccines, the majority of people have insurance, but they have to pay the deductible. You just pay for vaccines and you pay again. It does not threaten anybody, but it is flat.”

This incident at the Polyclinic of the Cap occurs for the second time in twenty years.


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