Two ex Booms are turning to Ontario

Deux ex-Estacades se tournent vers l'Ontario

Three-Rivers — Inseparable since their first steps in football at the beginning of the secondary, Jérémie Bérubé and Uriel Kalenga will take different paths, when beginning their university career in September. Different? Not that much, in fact.

The two former players of the Booms, which have made the rain and the beautiful time with the Cougars de Lennoxville for the past three years, have decided to continue their journey in Ontario. The half defensive Bérubé is enrôlera for the Gee Gees of Ottawa, while his friend Kalenga, a linebacker, is expected on the side of the Gryphons of Guelph.

On September 8 in the federal capital, the two friends will face each other on a field for the first time in their lives! “We were roommates for two years, stresses Kalenga. Jeremiah and me, we got two bowls of gold for the Cougars, another with Booms level a cadet. This will be a special moment.”

Kalenga will investigate in a administration program in Guelph, while Bérubé is destined to a career in law.

What is it that motivates these two young men to go into exile in another province, while Quebec is renowned for the quality of its football? “There is a great disparity in the world of football university here,” says Jérémie Bérubé.

“The Carabins and the Rouge et or earn any. If you play elsewhere, you have to almost expect to lose while in Ontario, they have a league to 12 teams better balanced. This year, in our batch of graduates in Lennox, there are more guys who are going to Ontario than to quebec universities. It’s a little trend we’re seeing since last year.”

The half defensive 20-year-old also thinks that he is more likely to flourish on the other side of the Ottawa river. “Down there, the recruits arrived at 17 years of age because there is no college. I am considered a rookie, but at age 20, I have a physical advantage. And we have five years of eligibility.”

Berube also notes that many recruiters in ontario reluquent the college football quebec for those reasons. “It is tempting to accept to us! By contrast, the Gee Gees, I have not made any promises. I will have to earn my position, as I did in the Cougars,” says the one who has been starting during his three years with Lennoxville. “I have lived good moments with them. In addition, we had several players from the Mauricie! I have been able to overcome injuries and to have an impact in the game. I am confident for the rest with the University of Ottawa.”

Same goes for his friend Uriel Kalenga, eager to discover a new environment in Guelph, a city located west of Toronto. “It was a difficult choice. I wanted to study in English, I visited several universities before choosing the Gryphons. I’m going to fight for a starting job. The Quebec, Ontario, it is as if we were players of the third year.”

Kalenga aspire to a professional career. He is convinced that the events encountered over the past few years will help her in her quest. “I’ve had ups and downs, but last year was my best as a football player. I’m out of my trusted zone, I have lived unforgettable moments and I encourage young people to do the same


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