Two brothers creative and innovative

Deux frères créatifs et innovants

Three-Rivers — there are these well-kept secrets in the business fabric he and Cinetic is part of it. Because for nearly two decades, the brothers Brian and Kevin Pott head with their design agency, web design and touch-enabled applications. And after 13 years in the same place, they are preparing to move the company in a place twice as large, with prospects of job creation.

“Our business model is based on trust, listening to needs, the proximity created with the customers and their satisfaction. We also rely on two other employees within our company and we will be looking for a rare pearl in graphic design soon,” said Brian Pott.


Not less than 70 per cent of their turnover hits the Web. The company specializes in graphic design of any kind, and adapts the tools, creating sites, adaptive and transactional. Although initially, their specialty was the level of promotional tools for small businesses, today, the agency has built a solid reputation and also serves large companies. One has only to think of the chain Pacini, who has recently entrusted with the mandate of the team of Cinetic to redo all of its websites, in French and English, in Quebec and outside the province.

“The fact that we are bilingual greatly facilitates the work and communication and decreases the turnaround time for clients. It is a competitive advantage,” notes Kevin Pott.

Cinetic has developed an important branch of its service offer with the online business and the production of transactional sites. They represent 80 % of new websites published by the company currently. “In 2018, québec businesses must make the shift to online commerce. They do not have the choice to be there and we have an interesting solution and affordable to offer them,” explain the partners.

However, what people and companies know little, it is only in the last few years, Cinetic has developed a range of services focused on the digital component: development of applications for mobile and tablet screens, the content and touch the terminals, electronic interactive content. As a result, companies such as Cogeco, Desjardins, Stelpro, Venmar, or Synapse-Mail, to name a few, have used the services of Cinetic for the development of interactive kiosks for digital within their company or even to decorate their booth.

“For example, we have developed an easy to use tool that allows you to a resource for Cogeco to update the promotions from the head office that are distributed in all the shopping centres, and the whole adapted to the reality of each market,” explains the duo.

And for Venmar, Cinetic has developed a touch screen application that allowed the buyers, who were visiting an exhibition in Toronto, to be able to take the information on the product directly on the tablets and interactive table installed in their booth.

Besides, always in the aim of proposing innovative and relevant solutions to the market to their clients, Kevin Pott returned from a stay at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas, one of the largest trade fairs for professional and educational conferences in the world dedicated to digital displays, interactive technology and communications networks digital, where he was inspired by the news and have even created some interesting contacts with suppliers.

Finally, we find among the clients of the company, retail outlets, restaurants, industrial companies, manufacturing and educational institutions.

If it is true that members of the same family in a business do not always make good bedfellows, them, no-one has ever seen them fight. Their winning recipe? Communication.

“The clients and business people we often say. The brothers Pott are always in a good mood. They demonstrate the opening and they are listening to our projects. With them, there is always a solution and we have confidence,” they concluded.

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