Trans Mountain: the PQ wants to come to the rescue of British Columbia

Trans Mountain: le PQ veut venir à la rescousse de la Colombie-Britannique

The official opposition of Quebec wants to come to the rescue of British Columbia in its fight against the pipeline project Trans Mountain to Kinder Morgan.

The Parti québécois has, in fact, sent late Tuesday to the government of John Horgan its own draft law, which asserts the precedence of the environmental laws of the province and the exclusive jurisdiction of Québec, for it can use it.

He had been prepared and filed in 2014 in the wake of the controversy surrounding the project, Energy East, a pipeline project that would pass through Quebec, and which has since been abandoned by the company TransCanada.

At the time, a common front was established in Quebec to block the project and the opposition parti québécois tabled the bill 390, which has never been studied.

An arm of the iron objects currently in Victoria, Alberta, that wants to export its oil, and Ottawa, which wants at any price to impose the project of Kinder Morgan, asserting that only the federal government can decide the fate of an energy project interprovincial.

In an interview with The canadian Press on Tuesday, the spokesman of the opposition pq in terms of the environment, Sylvain Gaudreault, has recalled that its draft law had been prepared with the examiners of the national Assembly and that it is based on sound legal basis and case law.

The Constitution acknowledges the jurisdiction of provinces in matters of natural resources and it is therefore an extension of the constitutional powers granted to provinces in the area of management of natural resources, has been argued by Mr. Gaudreault.

Under the draft law, the government of Quebec could declare by regulation that a project has a significant impact on the environment, transportation and natural resources, and that therefore, only the laws of the province apply, continued the member of parliament for Jonquière.

Mr. Gaudreault agreed that such a bill could also be a political tool in the arsenal of the government of Victoria, which would allow him to earn time.

“We come, in other words, to help our friends in British Columbia,” he said.

In an e-mail sent at the end of the day the minister british columbian, the Environment, George Heyman, the mla pq states that “the province of Quebec and British Columbia share of fights and similar achievements in the fight against climate change and the protection of the environment”.

Mr. Gaudreault also reminds us of the struggle in Quebec against the proposed Energy East and expressed his “solidarity with the most sincere” on the issue of Trans Mountain, enclosing his bill in the hope that it can inspire your government in the defense of your environmental skills”.

The prime minister Philippe Couillard had already stated that a possible coup to force Ottawa to impose the project of TransCanada does not send “not a good sign for federalism”, which has been criticized by elected officials at the federal, but also provincial of the province of Alberta.

The quebec minister of canadian Affairs, Jean-Marc Fournier, proposed a mechanism for federal-provincial joint to assess the impacts of the project.

The mp of the parti québecois has not missed the opportunity to criticize the proposed approach, since we do not know its outcome : who will decide in the end?

“We said that ultimately, it is the province that has decision-making power, and that is what our bill comes to confirm,” concluded Mr. Gaudreault.


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