Time for a Pint at the Technocentre

Le Temps d’une Pinte au Technocentre

Three-Rivers — Fort cutting-edge expertise and specialized equipment in biotechnology, the Technocentre of IDE Trois-Rivières, sign an agreement of collaboration original with The Time a Pint – Microbrewery of the Three Rivers for the breeding and development of new strains of brewer’s yeast.

The agreement includes several components, including the conservation of a bank of yeasts, the production of inocula, the development of new strains, creating new blends, the quality control and training.

The director of the Parc Micro Sciences Trois-Rivières, Jean Philippe Chenel, Ph.D., is pleased to support an SME) in its daily production. “This is a practical application of the services that we can offer to our businesses through our expertise and our fermenters at the cutting edge of technology,” says Mr. Chenel.

The benefits of this collaboration for The Time of a pint will be multiple. “As a brewmaster, I am reassured to know about the rearing conditions of our yeast and be able to follow the evolution organoleptic properties of our strains. By making use of the Technocentre, a reputable laboratory, we ensure that we obtain reports of a reliable production and a high-quality raw material,” says Gustavo Nevares, master brewer at The Time a Pint – Microbrewery of the Three Rivers.

The proximity of the two teams will also allow the microbrewery to obtain more quickly the yeast it needs, while controlling its condition and its provenance.

It is since the start-up of the company, four years ago, the Technocentre is interested in the yeast, which brings the Park’s director, Jean-Philippe Chenel, to dream of “a kind of yeast with a characteristic taste typically he”.


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