The superclinique of Trois-Rivières inaugurated

La superclinique de Trois-Rivières inaugurée

Three-Rivers — With a goal of welcoming around 20 000 patients during its first year of existence, the superclinique of Trois-Rivières will, through its mission, a direct impact on the traffic in the emergency trifluviennes.

The superclinique boulevard Carmel was inaugurated Monday, during its first day of operation. Some 20 health professionals, including a dozen physicians, make up the team of the first superclinique of the region. Its mandate is to provide better access to health care on the front line.

“On Cloutier, and at the CHRTR, there were 50,000 visits annually for P-4 and P-5 (in the case of ear infection, minor burns, urinary tract infection (uti). The superclinique start-up has the objective of 20 000 visits annually. Over time, in the next two years, we will increase our delivery of services to between 25 000 and 30 000 visits annually. It comes to reduce the pressure,” says dr. Peter Martin, deputy leader of the Group of family medicine (GMF) in Cape town which is the administrator of this superclinique.

Approximately 85 % of the population has a family doctor. The latter remains the first option for access to health care, and the time slots in the GMF for the service without an appointment. The superclinique will of the people orphans of doctor.

“There are 19 500 people without a family doctor. The superclinique will make all the difference,” says Karine Lampron, deputy director of the ambulatory health care services primary health care and chronic disease management in the integrated Center for academic health and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec.

“This is an important day for the people,” said the member of parliament for Trois-Rivières, Jean-Denis Girard. We are talking about an innovative model, better adapted to our societies, which allows a much quicker access.”

This project superclinique has taken three years before being produced. It was necessary to construct a building of 5500 square feet with everything that it entails, such as requirements for the provision of consulting offices, installation of medical equipment, installation of computer network, etc Some 450 000 $ have been invested.

“We can say: finally! It’s been a long time that we talk about it,” says dr. Peter Martin, who has insisted on the need to focus on physicians dedicated to the cause in order to cover the time-slots of the superclinique which will be from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m., seven days per week, as of April 30.

“The main challenge is the participation medical. One imposes to the graduates in medicine of the hours of the guard at the superclinique. It is that fact that it is possible”, adds dr. Michèle Fournier, a member of the GMF in the Cape and one of the leaders of the project superclinique.

His colleague, Janie St-Onge expressed willingly to his enthusiasm at the official opening of the superclinique. Dr. St-Onge is greatly involved in this project, which will eliminate the need for much of the world to wait for hours in a waiting room of an emergency.

“In the er, the nurse at triage may refer the patient to the right place. The patient will not spend the night in the emergency: he makes an appointment and is presented here for consultation.”

According to dr. St-Onge, each physician will see between 26 and 35 patients per day. Two doctors per day, it is between 52 and 70 people will get a daily basis, a medical consultation outside of the emergency services.


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