The Rivermen to Granby ?

Les Draveurs à Granby ?

GRANBY — it seems that It will need to be : the League of north american hockey will always be of interest to Granby, and, whenever it is a question of expansion, or a franchise in trouble, the name of the city will come back in the rumors.

The Draveurs of Trois-Rivières have had another season disastrous to the counter and the owner Étienne Boileau has until 15 may to decide the future of his team. Some observers think that it looks from the side of Granby to move his club. At least that is the noise that ran in the arenas of the circuit Richard Martel at the end of the week.

Joined Monday afternoon by the author of these lines, Boileau, who lives in the Montreal area, said that he has had no contact with anyone in Granby.

“In fact, I swear on the head of my three children, he said. At a time when we are talking, I am still in deep reflection about what I will do with my team. Is it that I continue and that I’m still trying to Three-Rivers, is it that I sell, is what I move or do I simply put the key in the door? I don’t know. I’m thinking, I’m thinking strong…”

Boileau has indicated that he is very aware of Granby.

“I know that you have an arena, newly renovated, perfect for the LNAH, and that there is a team of the junior League AAA has been there for a long time. I pass often in your corner. But I repeat, I have not had any contact with anyone at home.”

Les Draveurs à Granby ?

The owner of the Rivermen, Étienne Boileau, said deep thought.

Le Nouvelliste

When asked Boileau, a man of affairs, if Granby would nevertheless be in his plans if he decided to move his team, he has not said yes, and he did not respond.

“Some say that if it doesn’t work, my business in Trois-Rivières, it is because I am not of the place. I would not be more than the place in Granby…”

Last year, Jean-Charles Lajoie had asked the authorities of the LNAH their specifications. But the radio host seems more interested in the LNAH.

During the winter, another was a rumor to the effect that the commissioner Richard Martel had hired a hockey man well known installed in the region to examine the chances of success of a team from its league in Granby.

The Inouk negotiate
However, it would be very surprising that the City of Granby allows for two hockey teams in a major change at the Centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. And Inouk are still there, the ones whose audiences have increased slightly this season.

Moreover, the leaders of the Inouk are to negotiate a new contract with the City. According to information obtained, the two parties are close to agreement.

The Inouk have the intention, according to other information, to become a non-profit organization (NPO).


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