The Régie intends to raise awareness

La Régie veut sensibiliser le public

Three Rivers — When the trays brown will be located in the Mauricie region, by 2020, in order to make the compost materials (grass clippings, table scraps, plants and leaves), the collection of waste put in the black box will be less frequency.

This is provided for in the Plan of waste management spouse of the Mauricie region, 2016-2020, explains the head of communications in the Governance of waste management for the Mauricie region, Sylvie Gamache. Therefore, there will be no coercive measures to force citizens to sort their materials as the one that comes to adopt Gatineau by limiting its citizens to 120 litres of garbage every two weeks, otherwise they will be required to purchase a bag at a cost of $ 5 a piece to drop off their excess waste to the path.

The approach adopted by the Régie is rather to encourage citizens to recover more and enhance the value of composted materials, as the brown bin will be emptied at a greater frequency than the other, especially in the summer, since the compostable materials may be fragrant.

The chairman of the board, the mayor Michel Angers, indicates, however, that “Gatineau is an example to follow in terms of collection of third way”, in the sense that it “must ensure that people are the most aware that is possible to ensure that the yard will get done. It is in the interest of our citizens,” he explains. The more we fill the blue bin for recycling, the more we will fill the brown bin for compostable materials, “the more this will pay for us”, the community, advocates Mr. Angers.

It is that there is a return on the part of the government in these matters, ” he says.

The outreach work recycling and reclamation of materials is not to do only with citizens. The Régie intends to continue to convince HERE (institutions, businesses and industries), who also have a citizen’s duty to do, ” says Angers.

“The materials, one is able to sell, one is able to treat and one is able to make a profit with them. It will HERE make an extra effort,” he said. The board will review shortly, says the president, on the way the “more incentive” to increase their participation without being coercive.”

Thanks to the quality of materials, RGMRM has retained its chinese customers to whom it sells the recyclable materials. It will be recalled that China had imposed a blockade of north america, last winter, on the importation of recyclable materials, particularly paper and cardboard, because it was too contaminated. The sorting Centre of the RGMRM, which has been the subject of major renovations in technology, a few months ago, has managed to maintain its market thanks to the quality of sorted materials.

The mayor Angers believes that, with the commercial matters which are buried in landfill sites of Champlain and of Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, “we are in for 12, 15 and even 20 years”, he said, to receive materials. “It is always going to be a bit of a waste, but it should go to a decrease to lengthen the useful life of landfills”, pleads he, as bury, it is very expensive.

The chair of the board indicates that the board is quite advanced in the project of construction of a composting centre regional. “Within a month or two, we will take a final decision,” he said.

The latter is hoping that these new facilities are ready in time to host the first contents of the bins browns of the region. “We will make the decision to go dispose of it elsewhere before that our facilities will be available? I’m one of those people who think that we must assume, therefore, keep our waste at home,” he said.

The mayor Angers warns that when the choice of location, to implement the future of composting will come, “the will of the board of directors and myself, it is to ensure the social acceptability. It is a must”, he says. “The spearhead of a success, it is the social acceptability,” he says.

“To the limit, I’m going to visit the people, the municipal councils, depending on the location, of course, is that we are going to choose,” he says.

The deployment of tanks brown in the region represents a transaction of approximately $9 million.

These investments are required for Cities, and the MRC, since the québec Policy on residual materials management request not burying compostable materials in order to make. The purpose of this policy is to bring to 700 kg per capita the amount of waste to be buried.


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