The population is probed

La population est sondée

BÉCANCOUR — that the people of the territory to feel safe, the community development Corporation of the MRC of Bécancour is currently consulting the population in order to provide the RCN with a plan of action to combat the crime.

Thus, in order to better understand the current issues as well as the perceptions of citizens, they are invited to answer a short questionnaire. “This is the time for those who want to give their opinion on current issues in the field of crime prevention,” says the communications officer, Jean-François Verrette.

Among others, we are being asked to measure the extent to which people know each other, the neighbourly relations are good, people trust them and rely on each other. Not only do we want to know if the citizen feels safe in his home, in his movements, on the streets and on the sidewalks, in parks and public spaces, on the road (driving) and in public institutions, but if, in the course of the past five years, he has been the victim of assault or bullying in the one or the other of these same situations.

And, of course, we invited participants to a short survey to make suggestions to increase security in his or her environment or to share experiences.

You can fill out the online questionnaire by April 27, 2018 ( or again, the form is in Word format and return it to the CDC Bécancour by mail (14135-A de Bécancour, Bécancour, Qc, G9H 2K8) or by email (


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