The Patriots deliver more than 3600 meals to community organizations

Les Patriotes remettent plus de 3600 repas à des organismes communautaires

For several years, the Patriotes of UQTR undertake in the community. In the context of a fundraising campaign in collaboration with the Revenue pot, the athletes were able to deliver more than 3600 meals to various agencies in the region.

The student-athletes who have immediately embarked on the project, which began in October. For every pot sold, a portion of meals could be given to a charity of their choice. Seven organizations of the region were able to benefit from this campaign, including Moisson Mauricie, The Home of The Wild, The House of the Shoreline, the Foundation Center, the Haven, The House Collusion, Anna and the sea as well as The Good Comrade.

Based on the sales of each of the teams, from 300 to 1788 meals have been delivered. Pierre Clermont, coordinator of sports excellence at UQTR, says that the collaboration has rained on two levels.

“This year, we decided to join the useful to the pleasant. Financially it is interesting, but the other side is that we could give back to the community.”

This campaign had as its objective to finance the sports activities and improve the network of competition athletes. It was also intended to enable sports teams to participate in many major events, including international competitions. Among other things, the Cup has been won by the female team of volleyball in the month of January. Last march, the cheerleading team has also won first place in the competition UCA All-Star in Orlando.

The campaign will bring not only positive for the teams, but also to community-based organizations in the region. The nine training sports will continue to be actively involved in the community).


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