The emerald ash borer arrives in Trois-Rivières

L’agrile du frêne arrive à Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS — The emerald ash borer, this insect pest that has killed millions of ash trees in North America since ten years ago, is now present in Trois-Rivières. The City has confirmed the presence of a focus of infestation at parc Antoine-Gauthier, in the Pointe-du-Lac.

The outbreak was discovered in march last. Samples were sent to the canadian Agency of food inspection, which has authenticated the DNA of larvae harvested after debarking as larvae of the borer. It would be for the time being the only home of the infestation in soil he.

The City triggers under its plan of action to minimize the damage caused by the insect. Details will be communicated at the appropriate time. However, citizens with ash trees on their property, and who are worried can contact the center of services to citizens at (819) 379-3733.

In addition, the City will participate in a pilot project in collaboration with GDG Environment, the national Institute of scientific research, and Environment Canada. Tests will be carried out in order to register a treatment with the fungi against the borer. GDG Environment will be at parc Antoine-Gauthier on 18 April to conduct tests and train technicians.


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