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La Ville de Trois-Rivières en bref

Sand pit: the City would not go to referendum

If the registry concerning the proposed sand pits in the Pointe-du-Lac was to collect enough signatures, the City of Trois-Rivières would not go forward with the zoning change.

At least that is what was suggested by the councillor of the area the Pointe-du-Lac, François Bélisle, at the session of the city council Tuesday night.

Recall that the proposed sand pit on the outskirts of the Saint-Charles river, between the airport and the rang Saint-Nicolas had been rejected by the city council for the first time in the summer of 2017, before the popular opposition. The promoter Alain Morrissette recently returned to the charge with a modified project and a petition positive-signed by several residents in the area. This time, the operator gains access to its site by a road leading to the rank of Garceau and then to the highway, rather than leave by the 6th place west, 6th rank and the rang Saint-Charles, what worried the residents in the first place because of the increase in traffic.

A request has been made, so that there is open registry in this folder. Twenty-two citizens have requested. It would take 23 signatures at the opening of the registry to block the zoning change. The City should then either go to referendum or to abandon the settlement.

The city councillor François Bélisle has not, on Tuesday night, asked for the vote on this regulation, but said that if the number of citizens opposing it should be enough, it would not recommend the holding of a referendum.

“I leave the chance to the citizens to prove that they are legally sufficient to block the project, but also the sponsor with the chance to re-establish the bridges and reassure the public. But if we were to reach the sufficient number of signatures, I will recommend that the board not go forward with the project,” he said in a public meeting.

In total, 119 persons are authorized to sign the registry, or the citizens of the area in question and contiguous areas. The registry will be held during the day or Thursday, may 3, from 9 h to 19 h A public notice will be published on April 25 to notify the citizens concerned.

The signing will take place at the station of the rue Champflour, given that the registry offices of the City have been moved due to the significant work that should be held at the underground parking of the hotel de ville.

Cameras to monitor the fuel

The City of Trois-Rivières will install camera systems to monitor the places where it allows its employees to take on fuel for municipal vehicles. This decision follows on from the recommendations issued by the former auditor general of canada Andrée Cossette, upon the filing of its report on the year 2016.

It will be recalled that during an audit, optimization of resources, it was possible for the auditor general to see that the control measures in place could lend themselves to abuse or even fraud. It was also the case of an employee who, in September 2016, was used six times 50 litres of fuel and an hour and a half later, took 100 litres of fuel. A situation that she used the notion of abnormal.

During the regular session, Tuesday evening, the city council had before it a notice of motion aimed at the acquisition and installation of systems camera surveillance, access control, and fuel management both at the airport, at the Centre of services to the citizens of the western sector and the headquarters of the public Security Trois-Rivières.

According to the director-general of the Ville, France cinq-Mars, no cases of fraud or abuse had been identified in this folder, but the City has chosen to move forward in order to avoid precisely that abuse will not occur. “We are following the recommendations of the auditor-general. But from the moment where the situation has been reported, the risk of abuse may increase,” says Ms. cinq-Mars.

The project will require an investment of$245,000.


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