The CAQ wants to redirect migrants to other provinces

La CAQ veut rediriger les migrants dans d'autres provinces

The political parties do not agree on the means to be taken to reduce the influx of irregular migrants in Quebec. The idea of caquistes to redirect migrants to other provinces was rejected Tuesday by the liberals and pq members.

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), François Legault believes that the burden of the reception of asylum seekers should be better distributed among the provinces. As the Quebec represents 23% of the canadian population, it should not accommodate more than 23% of the irregular migrants who arrive in Canada. In 2017, Quebec has hosted about 50%, and they begin to flock in large numbers to the path Roxham, in the Montérégie region.

The CAQ does not explain in detail how this redistribution of migrants could be done, but she argued that migrants have already been displaced by bus last year. “It has made in the last year, we sent people to Cornwall in Ontario”, launches the mna Nathalie Roy.

Mr. Couillard welcomed the “progress” of Mr. Legault on this issue, was the fact that he now recognizes that Quebec has humanitarian obligations towards these migrants. “The colleague is approaching at a speed almost supersonic of our position.” He believes, however, that “its solution is not enough worked”. The support of 23% of the asylum seekers is “a fairly high number”, according to Mr. Couillard, who prefers the position of the liberal made public the day before, that is to say at the federal level that Quebec reaches the limit of its capacity.

“From the moment we say that it is entirely under federal jurisdiction, it is not we who will tell them how to do the distribution in the country,” believes Mr. Couillard.

Mr. Legault argues for its part that it is, Mr. Couillard, who has finally “seen the light” by asking the federal act in this case. Instead of “demonize” the CAQ, the liberals would have been forced to admit earlier that it overflows the borders, that we don’t have the capacity”, raises Ms. Roy.

“The liberals wake up!”

“Finally, the liberals wake up!” responds the leader of the Parti québécois (PQ), Jean-François Lisée. It is estimated that the liberals “showed for the first time a bit of spine” on Monday. The PQ is of the opinion that Canada should pay all of the costs associated with the arrival of irregular migrants.

Mr. Lisée argues also that the national Assembly is united in this debate and tell the canadian government: “enough is enough”. His party, however, has not said yes to the solution caquiste. “Once again, the CAQ makes us the demonstration of his amateurism by presenting a motion quite simplistic,” says mp Catherine Fournier.

According to it, the crux of the problem lies in the fact that migrants move from anywhere in the United States to cross the border to the path Roxham, because it is “the path that is safest and this is the path that is best organized.” The PQ believes it, like last summer, that the solution is to suspend the agreement the safe third country agreement signed between Canada and the United States. Without this agreement, the migrants could make their application for asylum at border posts regular, and their arrival would be a bit more proportional in all of the canadian provinces, ” says Ms. Fournier.


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