The art of lying to Bécancour

L’art de mentir à Bécancour

BÉCANCOUR — “That the best liar wins”, the contest of “white lies” returns for a fourth year at the church of Precious Blood, 8 April from 13: 30. Heritage Bécancour welcomes this competition, which is gaining in popularity.

A committee has been formed to select the seven liars who will compete during the day. In order to be well prepared to lie, elected officials are required to participate in several meetings.

A jury composed of actors working in the École nationale de police du Québec in Nicolet, will award the trophy to the mayor of Bécancour at the best liar as well as a mention of honor at the second finalist.

“Behind all these “white lies”, it has a cult activity. We do the hide not, we want to raise funds to maintain the heritage plant in Bécancour. The funds will be used to keep the glow of the presbytery,” says Raymond Cormier, president of Heritage Bécancour.

During this day, several regulations must be adhered to and will be supervised by Francis Fish, the master of the game. The menterie must be a story made up in whole or in part told in the form of an authentic account. The liar should not recite a monologue. In addition, the story should have a link with the city of Bécancour.

“I have participated several times in this contest and the church of Precious Blood is always filled to its maximum capacity,” says Donald Martel, member of parliament for Nicolet-Bécancour.

In addition to the trophy, the prize awarded will be rather symbolic. Sweets from the House of Bibi in Sainte-Angèle will be offered to the winner.

Please remember that all funds raised will be used to finance the heritage of Bécancour.

The entrance fee is$ 5 per adult and free for children.


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