The allegations against Yves St-Denis: unanswered questions, said the opposition

Allégations contre Yves St-Denis: des questions sans réponse, dit l'opposition

The opposition parties in the national Assembly raised questions about the time-limit ran from the time a complaint has been filed with the government and the mna Yves St-Denis has decided to withdraw from the caucus, on Tuesday morning.

The member of parliament for Argenteuil has taken this decision while allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behaviors are held against him. These were made public Tuesday morning.

However, for the opposition parties, unanswered questions remain about the time taken by the whip of the government to deal with the complaint and intervene on behalf of the member.

“What is knew to be the office of the prime minister? Why they have not acted before? Why he has not been suspended during the investigation? These are questions that we ask today”, questioned the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée.

According to Cogeco Nouvelles, Yves St-Denis is said to have sent a photograph that is sexually explicit to a female employee, some time before the 2014 elections.

The journalist, Mr. St-Denis has acknowledged the facts, but he argued that it was a joke and that the other person was consenting. He also let us know that it was not him on the photo, but he had rather taken a shot of a pornographic movie on television.

The person who received the photo did not, however, appreciated the gesture. She finally filed a complaint with the office of the whip of the government in the month of December last.

“On December 1, the complainant made a call to my office. At that time, I advised her strongly to make a complaint. I was guided to use the harassment policy of the national Assembly,” commented briefly on the whip of the government, Nicole Ménard.

In addition to an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, Mr. St-Denis is also on the hot seat for having been the subject of more of a complaint for excessive anger towards the political employees of the government, reports Cogeco.

The prime minister Philippe Couillard has confirmed that an internal investigation had been triggered to shed light on the behaviour of the mp. “There are verifications to be done. This is not the kind of behavior we want to see in our elected officials,” said Mr. Couillard.

He said that the candidacy of the member of parliament for the liberals in the riding of Argenteuil was made difficult, now that the allegations are public. Yves St-Denis was scheduled to see his candidacy official on 29 April, however, the liberal Party of canada has removed the announcement from its website.

At the exit of the caucus, Raymond Bernier, liberal deputy of Montmorency, suggested that his colleague had made the right decision to leave. “I find it hard to conceive that someone who wants to be a politician is not aware of the impacts of the actions that he is going to ask. You live in a cage of glass. Today, everything you do, everything is scrutinized,” he confided.

The Sun tried to join the mp, but his press officer said that Mr. St-Denis would not provide any interviews.

“A settler”

The mp for the Coalition avenir Québec, Nathalie Roy was shocked by the alleged actions of the member for Argenteuil. A “mononcle macho”, she said about Mr. St-Denis. “A colonist”, was instead used by his colleague François Bonnardel.

“To know who is in the photo on the porn doesn’t matter. It does just not,” protested Mrs. Roy.

The mp solidaire Manon Massé has revealed the tensions that existed between members of his party and the mp. She told us that his colleague Amir Khadir would have already challenged the presidency to denounce the behaviour of Mr. St-Denis, who “looked a little gruff” Françoise David and Manon Massé when they were asking questions in the Room, according to the latter.

This is not the first time that the member of parliament for Argenteuil is located in the hot water. Before being elected, in 2014, Mr. St-Denis had asked to be reimbursed for travel for golf days and invoices cell phone in excess of the usual package.

In November 2014, Yves St-Denis had also been forced by the liberal Party to make computer equipment, which he kept with him that belonged to his ex-employer.



The mp now independent Yves St-Denis bâclait it do its job? It was, to say the least draft, it seems.

Before being forced to withdraw from the government caucus, on Tuesday, the elected representative of the electoral district of Argenteuil was parliamentary assistant to the minister responsible for Labour, Dominique Vien.

He held this position from February 3, 2016 until Tuesday morning, for more than two years. This feature offers you fee more important than the only basic indemnity of members of the national Assembly.

Gold, Yves St-Denis would have very quickly demonstrated that he was unable to properly fulfil its mandates of parliamentary assistant. To such an extent that he was eventually ruled out not only a specific mission entrusted to them by the Labour minister, Dominique Vien, but any useful task related to the revision of the law on labour standards, according to information from the Sun.

Mr. St-Denis would not have ultimately borne the title of parliamentary assistant, said in the house. We would have even had to resume the work which had been entrusted to him in respect of foreign workers. On Tuesday, the cabinet of the minister Vien merely to say that he wouldnít comment this information.

The title of parliamentary assistant is accompanied by a further payment of nearly $ 19,000 per year. This is in addition to the base salary of mps, which amounted to almost 94 000 $.

Mp St-Denis has not returned calls from the Sun. Jean-Marc Salvet


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