Target the real problems

Cibler les vrais problèmes

Three-Rivers — The alliance of professional and technical staff of the health and social services (APTS) believes that it would be more pertinent to question the reasons which lead to the rise in the rate of absenteeism of the staff of the CIUSSS MCQ rather than try to influence physicians on the consequences of the tickets of absences that they issue to their patients that work there.

In fact, according to Sylvie Godin, respondent policy, APTS for CIUSSS MCQ, in doing so it would be possible to put the finger on the real problems.

Let us recall that on 16 February last, the doctors in the CIUSSS MCQ had received a letter from their supervisors stating that the costs linked to sick leave had exploded in recent years and that it could reach 36 million by 2018. The direction of the CIUSSS also asked the doctors to reconsider return-to-work.

“What causes these absences, which are psychological, what are the conditions of work, overload, lack of supervision, the merger of the institutions, the remoteness of the managers and the budget cuts which have made it so that the absences have not been replaced and that positions are abolished. It is at work that the problems are generated and that the employees live situations that lead to the disease. We must therefore tackle this problem and not force them to return to work or prevent access to, no”, she says.

It also hopes that the doctors will continue to do their work as they did before receiving this letter of awareness on the rate of absenteeism.

“I dare to believe that doctors will be more professional than that and that they do not respond to the call launched by the directorate. It argues that it is only the awareness, but it is not necessary to educate the doctors how to do their job and how to assess the health status of their patients.”

On the side of the CIUSSS, it is claimed that this letter was intended to be an offer of cooperation to the doctors so that the employee return to work more easily. It was also noted that preventative measures are put in place with the staff.

“We want to work in collaboration with all stakeholders, including physicians, to facilitate the return to work of our employees who are on salary insurance. The purpose of this letter, it is to ensure that our employees return in the best conditions possible. We need all the arms we can have, but we will never do it against the condition of the people. In addition, we have close to a million dollars that are invested to ensure that we are preventing with our employees,” says Valérie Provencher, information officer at CIUSSS MCQ.

Provincial Action of termination
In addition, the PTSA will launch a provincial action to cancel the overload and the psychological distress of its members, as from this Wednesday.

“This is not a consequence of the letter of awareness addressed to the doctors of the region. This action is in preparation for the last few weeks. We not only want to denounce, we also want to find solutions. One of the ways to do this is to take advantage of the negotiation of the local provisions which have been taking place in the health care network to try to improve working conditions and allow employees to have a normal workload and have enough time to do their work, and for the benefit of the customer of course,” says Ms. Godin.


More money than the prime minister

According to figures obtained by TVA Nouvelles Trois-Rivières under the law on access to information, some executives of the CIUSSS MCQ would have been better paid than the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, and the prime minister of Quebec, Philippe Couillard.

In fact, according to data from the year 2015-2016, the president-director general of the CIUSSS MCQ, Martin Beaumont, would have earned a salary of 274 112 $.

It is not the only high-salaried as the director of professional services would have received an annual salary of 232 490 $, the director of professional and hospital services 230 and $ 141, the ex-director of public health 203 189 $, and the deputy director-general 223 698 $.

Eight officials of the CIUSSS would have accumulated a total amount of 1 748 383 $.

In comparison, politicians Mr. Barrette and Mr. Couillard were respectively affected are 158 988 $ 186 243 $.


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