Shawinigan again gives $ 50,000 to the SSM

Shawinigan donne à nouveau 50 000 $ au SSM

Shawinigan — Other times, other customs. Nearly ten years after being granted a financial aid of $ 50,000 to the Foundation of the Séminaire Sainte-Marie on division, the municipal council of Shawinigan has recurred, on Tuesday evening in a public meeting. This time, the request is passed as a letter in the mail.

In October 2008, the cry of the heart of this foundation, had literally split the city council. The only institution private secondary Shawinigan had claimed an amount of $ 125,000. The elect had first agreed an amount of $ 100,000, but in view of the protests being apprehended, they had decided to pay 50 000 $ or 10 000 $ for a period of five years.

This compromise was not even able to rally all the councillors. France Beaulieu, Sylvain Trudel, Alain Beauparlant and Denis Lampron voted against this resolution. This last had been passed narrowly thanks to the support of Josette Allard-Gignac, Robert smith, Steve Martin, Gilles Marchand and Alain Lord.

At this time, the opponents are indignaient, inter alia, that the City help financially a private school, frequented mainly by the more affluent of the community. They wondered also what the city council, already inundated with requests from organizations of all kinds, came to do in education.

The majority, however, was imposed, mainly because of this that represents the Séminaire Sainte-Marie to Shawinigan. Especially that at this time, the Institute secondary school Montfort, also a private school, had to close its doors.

The Foundation of the Séminaire Sainte-Marie was not returned to office since the end of the agreement, in 2013. She come around, however, in 2018 and, this time, the issue has not given rise to any debate around the table of the municipal council. The resolution was adopted unanimously, and it seems that the discussions are not éternisées.

“It only lasted a few minutes,” says the mayor, Michel Angers. “It already gives financial support to the Fondation du Collège Shawinigan, in the foundation of the hospital, the chamber of commerce… It is our only private school. The Séminaire Sainte-Marie works very hard for its survival and ensure its sustainability. A fundraising campaign happens, we made a request and we simply accepted the same height as what was accepted (in 2008).”

Mr. Angers is only moved by little fields of jurisdiction in this case. He thinks first of the needs of its community.

“Look at all the subsidies”, he suggests. “The College of Shawinigan, it is education. The regional hospital is the health. We need to regularly intervene in the competencies of the ministries, when it gives a grant of $ 50,000 to la Tablée populaire, when it intervenes with the TRÀSH (street Work, in Shawinigan). It is considered that when it can be good for citizens — in this case, it may be good for retention of students — it is quite normal that a City can keep at home parents and students.”

In 2008, councillors wondered how would the foundations of public schools in the wake of this decision. If necessary, the mayor ensures that any requests for assistance will be assessed.

Mr. Angers doesn’t want to be too forward on the financial challenges of the institution, which hosted approximately 180 students in 2017-2018.

“One thing is certain, the will of the City is extremely clear: we want to keep the Séminaire Sainte-Marie opened during the next few years,” he concludes.

Minute of silence for the community of Humboldt
The elected members of Shawinigan have imposed a minute of silence at the beginning of the public meeting on Tuesday evening, in a sign of solidarity with the community of Humboldt Saskatchewan.

The mayor Michel Angers, may very well understand the sadness that surrounds this village, following the tragic bus accident that claimed a junior hockey team last Friday.

“It is a dramatic situation”, he commented. “It captures the imagination, especially when we are talking about young people of 17 to 20 years of a hockey team. I played hockey, I went by bus across the province to play. It reminds us that families undergo a significant loss. I have the impression that the whole community has suffered in this terrible tragedy.”

“At the same time, they are situations that can happen,” adds Mr. Angers, also affected as a dad. “We can not keep our young people at home, we cannot prevent them from playing hockey, to evolve in the junior teams. These are tragedies that happen; the moin


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