Rum&Code soars with his own wings

Rum&Code vole de ses propres ailes

Shawinigan — The value is the number of years. Incorporated only in 2016, the company Rum&Code will leave the DigiHub in the next few weeks to head to the centre of the city of Shawinigan. Specialists in development of software, web and mobile applications will not do things by half, since they integrate entirely the fourth floor of the building designated, in 2011, under the name of Sun Life Financial. It will be necessary now to speak of the Building Rum&Code on the avenue of the Station.

The young company will soon be an area of 4000 square feet. This growth will create three new positions, to add to the nine in place. The brothers Félix-Antoine and Alexis Loonie as Ian Bussières, co-founders of this success story, floating on a cloud. The next day, they quadruple near their work area.

The occupation of the fourth floor gives the lessee the privilege of attaching its name to the building, property of the Société immobilière Lemieux, giving him a great exposure. “By this decision, we want to say that there is at the centre of the city of Shawinigan to stay,” slice Félix-Antoine Huard.

Rum&Code have been incorporated only in June 2016. The three shareholders had integrated the DigiHub a few weeks ago. Since that time, the growth, however, is done at high speed, and young entrepreneurs involved in various regional initiatives involving the digital world.

Rum&Code vole de ses propres ailes

The three founders of Rum&Code, Félix-Antoine Huard, Alexis looney and Ian Bussières, who will leave their nest in the DigiHub in the coming weeks.


“We have spent a little less than twelve months in the space of incubation and then we moved into the space of corporate it,” says Mr. Huard. “We had no deadline, but we needed more space, which we like to 100 %, where we can configure the best possible working environment. It is a sign super-positive.”

The Butcher Nobert and Attractive, are among the most important tasks performed by Rum&Code since its inception. “We are currently working to launch a software which allows to automate and to accompany some of the tasks performed by tax professionals and accountants,” says Mr. Huard. “Our scope of service is quite varied.”

This move demonstrates that the model designed by the DigiHub and the entrepreneurship Centre Alphonse-Desjardins de Shawinigan begins to unfold in the community. Originally, the municipal administration wanted to ensure that this incubator will allow young people to be hosted at a lower cost, before truly taking off and becoming established in larger premises elsewhere in the territory.

Philippe Nadeau, director-general of the DigiHub, is pleased, of course, the growth of this company. Despite this departure, it ensures that Rum&Code will continue to benefit from the close collaboration of the ecosystem shawiniganais.

“We will always be happy to receive them in the framework of our events,” he says.

In respect of the Sun Life Financial, regional services will now be concentrated in the office of Trois-Rivières.


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