Pi-E: a feminist male

Pi-É: un féministe au masculin

three-rivers — 25-year-Old, the Shawiniganais, Pier-Alexandre Auger-Matteau alias Pi-S was made publicly known with the song Animal. Last February, he launched his album Venus, which was a big success.

“This is the first album that I consider as a professional. The other two were also popular, but this one, we talk about it more.”

Soon after the release of the title Animal, with the participation of Karine St-Michel, a former candidate for Double Occupancy and Bali, his video clip has become viral with over 60,000 views in 48 h.

“The subject was arrested for Karine, she immediately accepted my invitation. For me, it is also a great way to share my songs.”

He considers this song is rather provocative, but its primary purpose is to make people think about femininity. The video-clip Animal portrays a love story between a rapper and a model interspersed with images of animals that live closer.

“I wanted to make a link between the women and the animals, because we often tend to forget that we, humans, we are mammals of the primate order. It is rare that one sees animals in this position in a video clip. Yet it is the same as in a documentary”, he says.

With this video, he wants to demonstrate that impulses and desires are not unhealthy, but rather rooted in the human. Several songs address the topic of the woman, as he considers himself a “feminist male”.

“The sexuality of women, it is also natural and it is not necessary to make their sexuality shameful. It should be approached in the same manner as that of men,” he explains. Following the publication of the video, the comments have been rather mixed.

“By bringing together the words raw, animal images, Karine St-Michel, I knew that it would be a scandal.”

The title of his album refers to femininity as well as her past.

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The fact that I was raised by women, my mother and my grand-mother, venus, it has become symbolic. It is as if I had grown up on this planet, because I was in a universe with very little male figure”, he says.

Other projects are currently on the table. It informs that the actress Frederique Dufort will be his next video clip titled Vertigo.

“It’s an excellent actress and I am very happy to do it as part of my new clip”, he says, noting that the themes of the next video will be very different from the song Animal. For this song which will be released at the end of the month of April, the main theme will be love.

“This will be a song of the summer rhythm of reggaeton. My goal is to be part of songs of the summer.”

With regard to his future projects, he hopes one day to have an international career. “The rap is very popular in France then it is sure that I would like to be able to make a career one day,” he says. Artists and each other has also been approached for a possible collaboration.


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