Physician compensation: the cases in quebec are interested in CNN

Rémunération des médecins: le cas québécois intéresse CNN

The string of new american CNN devotes an article to the increase of remuneration of quebec physicians and to the petition of the latter, directing the provincial government to reinvest these monies in the health system, in a text published on its website on Thursday.

“What would you do if your colleagues and you will receive an increase in fees of 700 $? If you are a group of canadian doctors, you object,” write the journalists Doug Criss and Carma Hassan.

These explain that some quebec physicians, whose average salary is estimated to be 260000 $ per year, have signed a petition rejecting the rise of several hundreds of millions of dollars obtained as a result of negotiations with the provincial government, last month.

“These increases are all the more shocking that our colleagues, nurses, clerks, clerks, and other professionals face working conditions very difficult, while our patients are living with the lack of access to required services due to the cuts draconian in recent years […] The only thing that seems to be immune to the cuts in our compensation,” says CNN, citing the petition of quebec Physicians for public plan (MQRP).

Émilie Ricard

CNN also contends that it is the situation of quebec nurses, exhausted and underpaid, which pushed the doctors to launch their petition. The article cites the example of the nurse Shawinigan Émilie Ricard, who has decried the situation on social media in January, after the minister Barrette had said that the reform of the health system was a success.

“I am shattered by my job, I feel ashamed of the poverty of the care that I lavish to the extent possible. My health system is sick and he is dying,” wrote Ricard, telling having to deal with only one of 70 patients.

The minister Barrette has subsequently committed to improving the working conditions of nurses.

Estimating the number of signatories 700, CNN recalls that the agreement reached by the quebec government and the doctors confers an increase in compensation of 1.4% at 10 000 doctors, inflating the envelope to pay their salaries from $ 4.7 billion to $ 5.4 billion $.

Questioned on the subject by CNN, the minister of Health and social services Gaétan Barrette has said that he is able to live with the position of the doctors, in as much as the majority of them intends to leave the money on the table.

“[The refusal of the doctors] is something that I can accept if the doctors accept them. But the doctors who have taken this position are still a small minority, has commented the minister.

“They function like a union. In terms of remuneration, they are represented by a group that negotiates with the government”, he concluded.


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