Payroll system Phoenix: “The bad news”

Système de paie Phénix: «Les mauvaises nouvelles s’accumulent»

BÉCANCOUR — According to the regional executive vice-president, Quebec of the public service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), Magali Picard, the bad news is piling up week by week in relation to the payroll system Phoenix. “We have more than 300 000 people in the present, not just to the CPSA, the civil servants, workers of State, who have problems with their payroll. It does not improve”, she confided Tuesday on the margins of his visit to the picket line at the Bécancour Smelter.

It is nevertheless encouraging that advances are possible within 48 hours. “But that still has no common sense to see the same, new problems that arise each pay period. We do not always see the light at the end of the tunnel”, hastens to add.

And in regards to the T4 issued to the workers, she noted no improvement. “This year, there are still tens of thousands of workers who have T4 and that is erroneous, that the government told them to do their income tax return with these Q4. The T4 amended are still not arrived and we are still waiting for the year 2016. One thing is certain, it is that people do their income tax return with income that is erroneous. This has an impact on their family allowances, the rate of which they must contribute to child care centres across Canada, except in Quebec, on the people who have of maintenance which are under their income. It is to the infinite”, concludes Ms. Picard.


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