Participatory Budget: a youth component to the year 2

Budget participatif: un volet jeunesse pour l'an 2

Nicolet — After the success of the first edition, the participatory budgeting, citizen of Nicolet returning in 2018 with three new features: 140 000 dollars will be available, compared to $ 130,000 last year, is still the equivalent of 1 % of the municipal budget, the addition of a youth component for the 12 to 16 years, with this bonus of $ 10,000, and the opportunity to associate with private partners, to the maximum height of 25 %, for the three adult projects.

“With the popularity of participatory budgeting, citizen of the year, I am convinced that the projects will be many and we have innovated with beautiful news this year. When it is said that every day Nicolet surprises us, it is by its capacity to mobilize people, to do otherwise and to show initiative in terms of democracy. Here, the words citizen participation to take their place, all their senses,” said the mayor Geneviève Dubois.

The City therefore seeks the realization of projects of investment in equipment or construction of general interest and to the referred collective. The residents of Nicolet are invited to an information meeting Thursday, march 22, at 19 p.m. in the salle Joseph-Ovide-Rousseau of the town hall. We then present the details regarding the tags of the participatory budgeting citizen.

Development of the wharf at Port-Saint-François (24 650 $), structure of children games at the ground of the chapel of the Port-Saint-François (39 300 $), and tree-fountain in the Centre of popular arts (50 000 $): this is the three projects selected in 2017 after a vote of the citizens and which will be realised in the course of the year.

Like last year, the first step is to generate project ideas. Then, a process of enhancing ideas snaps for discussions citizens and meetings with municipal stakeholders that can respond to the questions. Then, the holders of the ideas will be brought to gathering information allowing the analysis of technical, legal and financial aspects of their project. Subsequently, the citizens of Nicolet will be called to vote in order to identify the project they want to see occur. Subsequently, the city council approves by resolution the choice of the citizens, a gesture that will be posed on 10 September.

The Services the community wish to appoint citizens to form a steering committee. A call is launched to residents aged 17 years and over. To apply, simply fill out the online form on the website of the city or obtain the paper version at the reception desk of the hotel de ville.


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