Maxime Bernier cancels the release of the book where he is critical of its leader

Maxime Bernier annule la parution du livre où il critique son chef

OTTAWA – Maxime Bernier will not publish the book in which he criticizes his leader.

In a chapter that will remain unpublished, the conservative mp claimed that he wrested the leadership of his party because Andrew Scheer has recruited “fake conservatives”. Mr. Bernier was a reference to the many farmers who have wanted him to be an obstacle because of its position against the continuation of supply management.

Since these few pages have been cast in the media, the member for Beauce has not been explained publicly.

Wednesday morning, at the weekly meeting of his caucus, the issue has been raised. Some of his colleagues have demanded an apology, while others maintained that the leadership race was held in the rules.

In the early after-noon, Wednesday, Mr. Bernier had the choice back into the ranks.


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