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Ça va bouger!

CHRONIC / Person fell down from his chair when the Canadian announced Tuesday afternoon have put an end to his association with Sylvain Lefebvre, who led his club and school in the american League.

I had slipped a word last week, it was the culprit to be the easiest to go under the bus because of the failure of the team, as much in Newfoundland as in Laval.

Those who follow the american League closely can testify that he did not have the same weapons as his rivals to go to war. But hey, no matter what is its share of the responsibility for the setbacks of his team, and in the progress of the young organization’s habs, eh? It’s still a business of results and from that point on, even Lefebvre could not defend its balance sheet.

Notice, the same thing applied last year. Bergevin was still brought to Laval. Why change his tune now? Because of popular pressure is strong, and it takes heads that roll. Separate from Lefebvre, this is certainly less painful than to dismiss a lieutenant of his bodyguard.

And then the departure of Lefebvre will allow Bergevin to inject new blood to the organization. The rumor the more strong reports that a duo Joel Bouchard-Dominique Ducharme would soon be appointed to take control of the Rocket. It makes sense. These are two men, both hockey veterans. That have a good reputation currently, and that led Team Canada junior a gold medal and a silver medal in the last two seasons. That’s two appointments that would be carriers of hope for the fans of the Canadian, there is no doubt.

However, if the rumor does materialize, it would mean that Bouchard would be the only managing director. That would be amazing. We’re talking about a guy who is shareholder and president-director-manager-head coach of the Armada. The Grégory Charles of the QMJHL! Even if Bergevin gives him more responsibility to assist him, is this going to be enough for Bouchard?

Ça va bouger!

Éric Veilleux

the sun

About Ducharme, he admitted on Tuesday that feel mature to graduate in the pros. And that a few clubs in the NHL had probed his interest. But the Canadian was not of the number! At least, not yet…

One thing is for certain, this post free in Laval will have a domino effect, no matter who has it all. By adding the resignation of Philippe Boucher in Quebec, and the dismissal of the managing director, Roger Shannon to Moncton, it still has several opportunities for quality in the provision of our men’s hockey.

In Quebec, the ideal scenario would Patrick Roy. Not impossible, he has attended a game of the series in the QMJHL, no later than this weekend. A presence that was noticed. I’d bet it is exactly what wished Roy.

Monitor also Éric Veilleux and Mario Durocher. The first will not be back at the helm of the Rampage of San Antonio in the american League, affiliate of the Avalanche. He had failed to lead the Victoriaville Tigers, before taking this job two years ago. By the way, Veilleux has been a feature of the Titan de Laval, and one of his teammates was Martin Lapointe, with whom he remained a friend. I say it like that…

In regard to Durocher, its roadmap seems to be too extensive for it to be forced to resume this assistant position with the Drakkar of Baie-Comeau.

All of this portends an off-season filled with turmoil.

Ça va bouger!

Patrick Roy

The Sun

In the absence of having of the action on the ice, there will be no evil behind the scenes!


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