“I hope that the coexistence becomes possible”

«Je souhaite que la cohabitation redevienne possible»

Shawinigan — The president of the Coalition against noise, Liliane Guay, did not wish to bleed to white Bel-Air Laurentien aviation in the framework of the class action, educated in the palace of justice in Shawinigan. The face of this battle wants nothing more than the stillness that prevailed when it was installed around the lake to the Turtle, in 1991.

The ninth day of the trial was devoted entirely to the one who acts as the designated person in the context of this class to limit the flights of seaplanes tourism. It represents the 2327 people who live in the perimeter covered, is 200 meters or less from the line of the high waters of the lake to the Turtle since June 21, 2008.

Although the plaintiff claimed a sum of $ 5,000 per member for each year of inconvenience due to the noise since June 2008, Ms. Guay was not even mentioned when his lawyer, and Me Catherine Sylvestre, he was asked what conclusions she was looking for Bel-Air Laurentien aviation to the result of this appeal.

“I hope that it becomes as it was before,” she expressed. “I hope that the coexistence becomes possible and pleasant, as was already known.”

Ms. Guay has moved to the lake at the Turtle with his spouse in 1991. At this time, it was a secondary residence for the couple, who went there, however, as soon as the opportunity presented itself. She lives in the area permanently since 2006, after his retirement as a federal government employee.

For Ms. Guay, the life around the lake was uneventful until the mid-90s, when the first flights of seaplanes tourism began to be offered. As she did not reside at the lake in permanently at this time, she did not become aware of the inconveniences caused by the noise that very gradually.

At the time of his retirement in the spring of 2006, her husband asked her if she wanted to join a new movement, the Coalition against noise.

“I was not interested,” said Ms. Guay. “At this time, I just wanted to rest. But I realized that if I wanted to rest, I had to push!”

During the years that followed, Ms. Guay has experienced the discomforts already described since the beginning of the trial by many residents during the intense periods of take-offs, particularly in the fall. Impossible to discuss outside, take a nap, to take a meal on a terrace. In addition to being deprived of a quality of life, she mentions that the flights of seaplanes tourism creates anxiety, an increase in blood pressure and stress. In everyday life, the mood is affected.

“It becomes exacerbated, grumpy, stubborn, and intolerant, which leads to hassle, aggravate”, scrolls does it. “That’s not nice.”

The presence of two hydrobases the lake has worsened the situation, regrets Ms. Guay. In 2013, the closure of Aviation Mauricie has improved, but starting in 2015, the soundscape has started to deteriorate.

“In the fall, it is unbearable”, slice-t-it. “The only solution is to disappear! We, at the lake, we do not have the right to enjoy the colors.”

The testimony of Ms. Guay was expanded to an hour and the cross-examination of Me Karine Joizil took almost the same duration.

The lawyer of Bel-Air Laurentien aviation is particularly interested in the Coalition against noise as motion. The president stated that this non-profit organization had 235 members. I Joizil wanted to know how they were recruited, the evolution of the membership over the years, where they lived and, especially, their participation in the annual general meetings.

These critical questions have not always found a clear answer. I Joizil, is surprised.

“You remember the crimes (restrictions, sightseeing flights) is committed to the lake, you remember the evolution of the soundscape over the years, but you can’t remember the number of people present in the assemblies that you présidiez. That is your testimony?”

I Joizil has also been recognized Ms. Guay that his work constituted a significant source of stress prior to his retirement.

The trial continues on Wednesday, while the defendant will begin to hear his witnesses. Two officials of Transport Canada, a department very criticized since the beginning of the statement, are expected.


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