Hope for premature babies

De l’espoir pour les bébés prématurés

THREE-RIVERS — AT his birth, Nicolas Lebel barely weighed in at 1043 grams. Small and fragile, he was born three months earlier than planned. Nearly 25 years later, the young man wants to help premature babies by launching a campaign of sociofinancement the profile of the Centre mère-enfant Soleil of the CHU de Québec-Université Laval.

The expected date of the birth of Nicolas Lebel was march 6, 1994. However, the nature wanted it to be the tip of the nose a lot more quickly, on 6 December of the same year as the last conquest of the Stanley Cup by the Montreal Canadiens in 1993. “We can all have a day possibly need the services of the mother-child Centre,” says the 24-year-old native of Saint-Narcisse is now established at Rivière-du-Loup. “The care of premature babies require a lot of equipment. For example, Quebec provides three thermometers per floor for neonatology, but in truth the staff would need fifteen. And it’s expensive, it’s 1200 $ on the thermometer.”

Alongside his son during the interview, Marie-Josee Magny says that the birth of his third son had not been easy. When the contractions have begun, the mother of Nicolas Lebel went to the centre hospitalier de Trois-Rivières. Finding that she was in a stable condition, the doctors have preferred to transfer the young mother to the service of neonatology of the hospital Saint-François-d’assise in Quebec city, which was better equipped to take care of premature babies.

De l’espoir pour les bébés prématurés

At his birth, Nicolas Lebel weighed just one kilogram. As we can see on this photo taken on Christmas day while it was only 19 days.

“However, I was also ill at this time, without knowing it. My waters were crevées for about 10 to 15 days. But the amniotic sac had blocked the exit, which means that I was infected,” recalls Ms. Magny.

“I’ve had the chance to fall in the wake of freezing rain. It is this that has enabled the work. Without it, we would be both dead, poisoned by the infection.”

Besides, the doctors have asked the question that no mother wants to hear. “They asked me if they had to save my baby or me”, says with emotion, Marie-Josee Magny. “This is a great choice to make. I had already two children at home and they needed their mother. I told them to do everything to save us both.”

Fortunately, both the mother and the baby were saved. Nicolas Lebel was not, however, at the end of his sentences. He had to spend several weeks on oxygen and under observation. He could not feed and by gavage. During the three months that he spent in the hospital, Nicolas Lebel has benefited from the good care of staff, but also volunteers who came to be rocked when her mother could not be present. Nearly 25 years later, the young man is appreciative of all the love he has received.

The campaign sociofinancement launched by Nicolas Lebel on the site gofundme is entitled to Provide hope and goal is to raise 50 000 $. By setting the bar as high, the young man wanted to be certain to collect as many donations as possible. It is the following address www.gofundme.com/donner-de-lespoir.


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