Great meeting between employers and candidates in La Tuque

Grande rencontre entre employeurs et candidats à La Tuque

The Toque — The Chamber of commerce and industry of the Upper St-Maurice (CCIHSM) held, on Monday, his first appointment to the job in La Tuque. More than 200 jobs were available in the twenty companies present. A success in spite of the temperature according to the organizers, who are already thinking about the second edition.

“We had been dreading the weather, but there was in the world, and one exhibitor is not presented. We are very satisfied with the result, it is a success,” said the director-general of the CCIHSM, Karine Rochette.

In collaboration with a number of community organizations, the Chamber wanted to give a helping hand to the employers in the region who are trying to recruit the workforce, particularly for positions at non-dedicated where candidates are rare.

Several resources were on site to assist visitors, in particular, for the updating of their CV. The event also allowed networking between the exhibitors. The companies were also able to discuss with people in the local Centre of employment, wage subsidy, financial support for the training of manpower, etc..

The Chamber also appreciated the closure of schools that gave the free field to the young people, they are also manifested in large numbers.

“The fact that there is no school today, out of that there are many teens who came out for student jobs. They came with their parents. […] It was thought that on the 16th of April, they were going to come here on a scooter, but not…”, has launched Karine Rochette.

However, a quarantine of people of Wemotaci have not been able to visit as planned at a job fair. The transport had to be cancelled due to the state of the roads and the temperature.

“It had to be canceled in the morning. This is unfortunate, there were forty aboriginal people who had come here in search of jobs. It is thought that this is only a postponement,” stressed the director-general of the CCIHSM.

In spite of everything, we think that the show has been beneficial for both job seekers and employers.

“The employers are happy, they have needs and the people they meet are very interested,” noted Karine Rochette.

Just as the doors closed, the organizers imagined it to be already the second edition, some exhibitors also.

“People are very positive. There are even employers who have gone to see the progress and who regretted not to be there today,” said Ms. Rochette.


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