Écopasse: the student association remains neutral

Écopasse: l’association générale étudiante reste neutre

The student association of Cégep de Trois-Rivières has taken a position of neutrality in the face of the Écopasse. The AGECTR wanted for the moment to listen to different points of view of students. The sum required of$ 60 for all students will remain in force.

At a general meeting on Tuesday, the ex-president of the AGECTR, Maverick Dion St-Pierre, has proposed the adoption of a position of neutrality. This will enable the association to reposition the next year. “There is a wave of disinformation incredible, so this would really not be a good time to take a position on the project. In retrench next year, it’s going to allow us to see the rate of use for and make an informed decision.”

To do this, Yury Of the Bois De Nevele, the acting president of the student Association made the proposal to create a working committee to be able to improve the services of the Écopasse. The students will thus be able to make requests clear to the College.

The committee will be put into action this session. “What we want, as a student association, it is pronounce to all students and not just a part. We want to especially that the students are not forgotten and that the process is going well,” says Antoine Poulin, vice-president for education affairs.

Louis Gendron, director general of the Cégep de Trois-Rivières, only sees the positive. “We are aware that the implementation of the Écopasse is not unanimous. We are very happy to see the establishment of a committee to find solutions to help meet the ambitions and needs of each student.”

Charlie Smith, the student who launched a petition against the Écopasse April 3 abstained on the subject. As of yesterday, the petition has collected 1586 signatures.


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