Canac Shawinigan: $ 1.1 million for a street of 330 feet

Canac à Shawinigan: 1,1 million $ pour une rue de 330 mètres

Shawinigan — the works for the construction of the new store Canac in Shawinigan, on the site of the former smelter are on the boulevard Saint-Sacrament, is progressing well with the demolition of the former administrative offices. The direction of the home improvement center wants an opening in the fall and at the last public meeting of the city council, the elected officials have set another gesture, announcing an allocation of $ 1.1 million for the development of a new street to serve this site.

This sum will be drawn to even the sale price of the land to Canac. This transaction, notarized on march 7, indicates that the City has obtained a total of 2 086 643 $ for this property of approximately 38 800 square meters. With taxes, the cost for Canac reached close to $ 2.4 million.

“The façade will be on this street,” says the mayor, Michel Angers, a necessity due to the presence of a railway track parallel to the boulevard Saint-Sacrament. As a nod to the past, this new artery will carry the name of the street of the Aluminum.

“Given the amount of money that we have, we’ll take our time to make it from one end to the other, paved with borders and fitted with outputs for water and sewer,” adds the mayor. “In the end, there will be a roundabout to allow traffic to come back on their steps. Eventually, it is possible that the street leads to Royal.”

Mr. Angers recalls that other projects will be appearing eventually to the street. “This land sought after. We are working on many great projects of economic development, not only there, but in all of the industrial parks. What we sow will eventually lead.”

Shawinigan aluminum
On the other side of this new street, Shawinigan aluminium continues its operations, while seeking to obtain all the necessary permissions from the ministry of sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against climate change for the installation and operation of a process of recirculation of process waters and cooling.

During the same public meeting of the 10 April, the city council adopted a resolution to implement measures intended to regulate the overflow structures of the sewer system, located downstream of the discharge point of the plant.

The City agrees that Shawinigan aluminum discharges its process water and cooling in its collection system wastewater, at a flow rate daily maximum of 1100 cubic metres. In addition, the management of the factory wants to share the cost of the work related to the implementation of measures that do not increase the frequency of overflow structures in the sewer network.

“Shawinigan aluminium takes up water to cool its billet,” says Mr. Angers. “This water is lightly soaked with vegetable oil, which went directly into the Saint-Maurice without causing any environmental problem. In fact, it was a little (scum). This was not aesthetic and it has forced the company to send it down our drains. We have the capacity to receive it.”

In April 2017, the municipal council of Shawinigan had adopted practically the same resolution. At this time, however, the maximum rate, daily of process wastewater and cooling in the sanitary system of city had instead been set to 805 cubic metres per day.

Once again, the City is committed to implementing various technical measures to comply with the requirements of overflow of the MDDELCC. It must submit an engineering report to the department no later than the 30 June and put in place the measures authorized before the end of the autumn of 2018.


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