Caisse de dépôt: the PQ wants to “take political control,” said Couillard

Caisse de dépôt: le PQ veut «prendre le contrôle politique», dit Couillard

Philippe Couillard accused the pq of wanting to “take control” policy, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. An assertion that it has cleared a few hours of the submission by the formation of Jean-François Lisée of a bill refocusing the mission of the institution.

“This is not the thing to do; it is necessary to leave a complete independence to the box,” said the prime minister, on Tuesday. According to him, it “would be very, very, very bad” and very “badly perceived by the financial community to remove the independence of the Caisse de dépôt”.

He wished to point out to Mr. Lisée as “the Caisse has increased by 50 % its investments in Québec in recent years.”

A balance sheet

Philippe Couillard did not appreciate the “strategic review the government’s economic liberal” that people just draw the head of the parti québecois in the blue Room of the national Assembly : the prime minister has “made it so that one of the most beautiful businesses in Quebec, RONA, is under control of the Americans; that the flagship of the engineering of aerospace, C-series, is now under the majority control of a european company and that his legacy principal, that is to say, the electric train to Montreal, to be built in India”.

For weeks, Jean-François Lisée criticizes the government for not having forced the Caisse de dépôt et placement to ensure that the rolling stock of the future express Network-metropolitan, contain a minimum of 25 % local content.

The draft law pq

Mp pq’s Nicolas Marceau is expected to submit Wednesday to the national Assembly a bill to amend not only the act respecting the Caisse de dépôt, but also the transport Act in order, precisely, to compel the latter to provide at least 25 % local content for rolling stock of any new infrastructure project that it will transport.

If his party takes power, the Caisse de dépôt et placement will, more widely, contribute to Québec’s economic development in the same way that it must seek to obtain the “performance enhancer” in the capital of its depositors, after its legislative proposal.

Another component of the bill that would adopt a government of the Parti québécois expects the institution to have a plan of “disinvestment” gradual of the assets that she has in the courts fiscally complacent. A final part provides that a pq government would be a new tool of investment which would bear the name of “Fund of Quebec”. This Fund, which would become an “applicant” institutional most of the Cash, would be launching of the public offerings. The performance that it would provide would be the one that gets the institution.


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