Bécancour shall adopt rules to protect the sources of drinking water

Bécancour adopte un règlement pour protéger les sources d'eau potable

Bécancour — Evening busy Monday, the city council of Bécancour. Not only was the administration Dubois has it finally adopted a regulation on the protection of drinking water sources, but the elected officials have initiated the process that should lead to a pay rise of 15 %.

First of all, to the great delight of the citizens, who demanded the protection of the drinking water for several years, the City has adopted a regulation forbidding, inter alia, to construct a drilling site or conduct a fracturing operation at least two to ten kilometres, depending on the case, from any artesian well or a surface or any place of prevented surface water feeding the municipal water system.

The mayor Jean-Guy Dubois is left to convince, among others, by the recent decision of the superior Court, which gave reason to Restigouche South-East in his iron arms the law against the oil company Gastem.

The oil continued Restigouche following the adoption in 2013 of a regulation for the protection of the water. This regulation, called illegal by the prosecution, has forced Gastem to put an end to its project of drilling in the municipality. In addition, the chief magistrate referred to the power of municipalities as governments of nearby and go forward.

In addition, a notice of motion was presented for a possible settlement on the treatment of members of the board and on the reimbursement of the expenses which will be adopted on 7 may next year, with a retroactive effect as of 1 January 2018.

Already, during the adoption of the budget, a pay rise of 15 % for the elect had been announced. And Monday night, the mayor Dubois did not fail to remember that the last adjustment had taken place in 2006.

It will see its annual revenue spend of 71 691 $ $ $ $ 2017 80 092 $, which includes the remuneration and expense allowance. For the consultants, they will now have a total of 27 440 $ instead of 23 861 $. The remuneration of the deputy mayor is also enhanced.

As of January 1, 2019, the remuneration shall be indexed according to the index of consumer prices. However, to make up for the fact that the allocation of expenses will become taxable on that date, the compensation of the mayor will then increase to 13 771 $ and that of the advisors, 3980 $.

During the same meeting, the council requested that the minister of the Environment to review the compensation regime of the wetlands in addition to announce the return of the river shuttle.


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