Already 221 000 $ in pledges

Déjà 221 000 $ en promesses de dons

SHAWINIGAN — The director of the Seminary of Saint-Marie, Stephanie Plant, is obviously very encouraged by the support offered by the community to the institution. The fundraising campaign for 5 years that started in January 2017 and bears its fruits since not less than $ 221,000 in pledges have been made to the Foundation of the SSM to date, including $ 50,000 awarded by the City of Shawinigan on Tuesday night.

“We are very happy. We also have recurring donations,” says Mrs. Plant. “Our goal is $ 1 million”, she said.

The Foundation, she says, has resumed contact with the alumni of the SSM. “This is something that was a little left at the level of the Foundation,” she said. “So, we first got in contact with our alumni. We have also challenged the business community and the City,” she said. It is unanimously agreed that the city council, it will be recalled, has accepted the request for a contribution to this campaign.

The money collected by the Foundation of the SSM will be used first to help students who wish to study in the SSM, but who do not have the means. The money will also be used to support the school for the purchase of computer equipment, among other things.

Ms. Plant points out that the number of pupils attending the SSM, or some 180, “stabilized”. Ten new students have come to swell the ranks in the course of the year. The classes of the three levels are nearly full, she says.

“This is encouraging”, she said. “I think the message is more positive, in the population and it feels permanently in the house,” she said. “We have worked hard with parents. We did not explain that yes, there has already been 500 to the school, but we have changed the flowchart. There have been positions cut at the administrative level, but there has been no impact on the level of services that we give to students. Five cents to over 180 students, there is a consensus that the administration is not obliged to be the same,” pleads Mrs. Plant. “This is what we worked a lot and it makes a difference,” she said.

The SSM indicates that if the elders of the Séminaire Sainte-Marie gave them only $ 10 per month for 5 years to the Foundation, this would represent an amount of $ 275,000 per year, to the benefit of the school and the students.

The SSM intends to organise various fundraising activities in order to give a boost to its fundraising campaign.


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