A progress worthy of mention!

Une progression digne de mention!

Three-Rivers — No, the Mauricie has not brought back gold medals from the last Cup Dodge, held in the Quebec city region. But the story of the Burst atom B is still worthy of a club Cinderella.

Vice-champions of their category at the provincial women’s hockey, nothing predestined the young girls of 9 and 10 years to such a classification.

Their manager, Cindy Roof, was fresh in the memory of the infancy of this small team of 11 in-swing. “Five of them knew nothing about hockey, the two had never skated”, smiled the manager, who remembers the training sessions from September.

“One of our players came to our first practice with two sticks: a left-handed, right-handed. She didn’t know yet which side she was on! It was far away. The end of last week, this girl was named player of the match in the final,” says the manager, not without pride.

“We had to teach them the rule of offside. During our early matches, it could be a thirty! It was funny, but at the same time, it was difficult.”

Because in a region such as the Mauricie, where the pool of players is not huge, the girls in the single-letter measure to boys ‘ teams. “We compete against other girls only in tournaments and Cup Dodge. We are the only team atom B female here,” says Cindy Roof, impressed by the strength of character of its small and protected.

“It is not always obvious to the girls in the hockey, you know. This is not everyone, but there are several boys who have fun to make fun of them on the rink. It has been through a few storms this year. To be finalists of the Coupe Dodge, it is a feat!”

All the more that the wind Gusts had won only two parties left in the regular season. This was hardly better in tournaments against other female teams: a single win in three tournaments. One weekend only, our representatives have managed to stick four wins against teams finalists from other regions in Quebec! It was only missing the ultimate triumph in the final. Having said that, in the circumstances, the silver medal is worth gold.

Cindy Roof, as all middle and senior managers of women’s teams, is well aware that the structure proposed by Hockey Quebec will change. Stakeholders are anxious to know more. “The territory is huge, we know that it is not easy for some parents to move, that it is easier sometimes to send her daughter with the boys in the local association. But we have the certainty that it is possible to continue to develop women’s hockey in the Mauricie region.”

The example of the Burst atom B is a good one.


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