70 960 $ donated to various establishments of the region

70 960 $ remis à différents établissements de la région

THREE-RIVERS— In the framework of the tour of the awards, spokesperson, Opération enfant Soleil, Jean-François Breau and Maxime Landry, awarded the sum of 70 960 $ at the integrated Center for academic health and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec (CIUSSS-MCQ) and other institutions in the region.

Actually, the CIUSSS-MCQ has received a total of 33 998 $. This will allow the purchase of equipment for a better follow-up with the younger crowd. It is, therefore, five beds and bedside tables, two mini-perfusors, an emergency kit and resuscitation, two scales and a pulse oximeter portable that will be purchased thanks to Opération enfant Soleil.

“An amount like the one that we received, it represents good news. This will allow us to buy equipment at the cutting edge of technology. This is equipment which is highly appreciated by the children and their families, but also for our staff. The mini-perfusors, for example, will allow to gain time, efficiency and quality of care,” explains Natacha Bolduc, chief of service department of pediatrics.

Since 1992, it is 1 046 162 $ that have been allocated to this centre.

For its part, the House of birth of the River, which is located in Nicolet, has received a $ 34 074 $. It will be used, inter alia, to the acquisition of four ophtalmoscopes, four scales and three electric pumps and a stretcher of electric transport. Since 2017, Opération enfant Soleil has awarded 51 999 $ at this establishment.

A total of 438 $ was also paid to the organization Maternaide. This amount will be used for the acquisition of equipment that will enable children 0 to 5 years develop their motor skills.

Finally, the Center of leisure-suited Home Grown-Ose got 2450 $. The money, which comes from the Fonds Josée Lavigueur for Operation enfant Soleil, is aimed at preventing the disease among young people through physical activity and will make the purchase of a treadmill and the five floor mats.

To date, a total of 3 543 154 $ has been assigned in the region of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, in order to provide the best care to children as well as an optimal quality of life during hospitalization thanks to the development of spaces conducive to their healing.

“Each year, the hospitals send their applications to Operation enfant Soleil. These are requests that are very specific, because they need devices on the cutting edge of technology. Then, our job is to walk around a little everywhere in Quebec, in order to go to return the money that our partners have helped us to raise. This allows the children to receive health care in their region, and, of course, with their family. This is really what is important and that is why every year we have to put money back to Three-Rivers for the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec”, says Maxime Landry.

Remember that the Telethon Operation enfant Soleil will be aired from 7 pm to 22 pm the 17th June next on the TVA network, live from the exhibition Centre of ExpoCité in Quebec city.


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