2016 a year of renewal for Sidanse

comme-illustre-cette-photographie-festivalThe Sidanse Festival will be back for an eighth year and although it remains faithful to the second week of June (this time it will be from 10 to 12), the edition 2016 will be one of change.

In all dimensions of this event, in fact, we find novelty elements to make the experience even more memorable.

The first notice that the regulars, mostly from outside the region, the key place. This year, all activities will be consolidated at the arena UQAC, including those presented in the hangar of the port area of ​​Chicoutimi, as well as at the Centre for Arts and Culture.

The team was able to tame this building over the recent editions, which will allow it to maximize its potential. She will not have to be deployed over three sites, while visitors often unfamiliar with the city, will lose less time to find their bearings. Another advantage is that it will be possible, for the first time, access to the entire program through a bracelet sold at $ 15.

“We expect to see a greater number of entries with this novelty. We had the taste to make it even more user friendly festival. In this way, people can immerse themselves in throughout the weekend, “stated the CEO Sidanse Suzanna Gaudreault, in an interview with the newspaper.

The bracelets are already available on the festival website which, incidentally, has just been revamped. Just go to the www.sidanse.com address to complete the transaction. As for those who are less anxious, they will have the opportunity to buy at the door of the arena UQAC.

More artists

The Sidanse Festival will receive twice as many professional dancers than last year and from the opening night, we feel this presence. Thus, after the first part provided by dance schools, the public will plunge into the atmosphere of the Fiesta Coco, this magazine that collects full houses since its creation in Chicoutimi.

The next day, 800 people will participate in the competition held from 8 to 18:30. Divided into the categories urban dance, jazz, ballet, modern and free style, they include so many children and adults, which are more likely to try their luck.

The evening, it will be dedicated to Sidanse Gala, the event that gave birth to the festival with a revenue share – $ 1.50 for each sold bracelet – the body will go to The Mine. This is an opportunity to see or see again one of the stars of the dance in the United States, Jonathan Platero.

“He thinks the So You Think You Can Dance show and will come with its formed troupe of seven dancers. This will be his seventh appearance at the festival, “says Suzanna Gaudreault.

The show will also mobilize Valerie Chery, a specialist in Brazilian dance, Janie Richard, who practice classical ballet, and the Rockwell Family.

On Sunday, finally, the festival management will introduce the Elite Challenge (see other article), while returning to Formula workshops.

These will take place during the morning and the difference is that it will be possible to attend, because the stands will be accessible.

So many changes within the same edition could make your head spin, but the organizing committee discusses the eighth edition with confidence. “We leave the people of their habits. But even if it is an experience we are quite sure of our shot, “says Suzanna Gaudreault.

As on TV
In a publication distinguished by its innovations, the Elite Challenge is the most important addition to the programming of Sidanse Festival. This competition presented at the last day of the event in the afternoon of 12 June, has an undeniable growth potential.

“We expect a good response from the public, states the Executive Director Suzanna Gaudreault. For the first year, we will offer only the urban dance, which enblobe all hip-hop variants. The ten available places are already filled and there will be issues delivered solo, duet and group. ”

The contest will marry a form that will recognize amateur competitions broadcast on TV. Before running performance, participants will speak to define its contours. They then lend the game of the interview.

“What is special, too, is that there will be five judges, compared to three during the competition held the day before, and they will express their comments to the microphone. It takes courage to face the criticism of such a public manner, “said Suzanna Gaudreault.

A $ 1,000 scholarship will be paid to the recipients of the first prize and if the formula is successful, it is not impossible that the contest takes expand. The only limit is that of time, since the Elite Challenge must end early enough to facilitate the return home of people from outside the region.

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