2.5 billion in the first year In Ukraine has proposed to legalize gambling on the example of Germany

2,5 млрд в первый год: В Украине предложили легализовать игорный бизнес по примеру Германии

On the website of President of Ukraine registered the petition, the purpose of which is the legalization of gambling in other European countries such as Germany, Italy and Romania.

As reported by “Economc news”, October 15, 2019 on the website of President of Ukraine registered the petition on the legalization of gambling so that the new law was mutually beneficial for all participants of the issue: for the Ukrainian people and for business. Association of operators of the gambling and lottery business, which is the initiator of the petition, believes that the government should control gambling and to introduce mechanisms for the protection of the population, using the examples of other European countries. The proposed Association of the law should increase the inflow to the budget, starting with the first day of law. For 2020, income must minimally reach 2.5 billion hryvnia. Also, the purpose of the petition is the protection of domestic operators and people working in this field. The Association believe that the market is not to prevent foreign companies, especially from Russia.

In addition, the Association made a number of other proposals that would have made new law favorable to all participants of the issue. In particular, it is proposed to restrict the establishment of gaming machines outside the state. Instead of the legacy machines to install modern systems, such as VLT, allowing the state full control of all the processes and the flow 24/7. In cities with a population of 900,000 people to allow accommodation establishments with a minimum size of 80 square metres, in cities with a population of over 900,000 and a minimum area of 200 square meters. To auction licenses for implementation of activities, a total of 5-6 licenses, with a minimum number of permitted VLT terminals in quantities of 5000 pieces, increasing the cost of such licenses by increasing the number of terminals licensed, but also increased responsibility on the part of the operator. Set nationwide restrictions on the example of European States: the number of terminals on one person. In Italy it is 2 units per 1000 inhabitants, in Germany — 4 units per 1000 inhabitants. In Ukraine suggested limitations in three terminal 1000 Ukrainians.

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To quickly convert all illegal establishments in the legal field and get rid of the “illegals”, Ukraine proposed to grant priority right to license to companies that already exist in the market. It is important that all people who are already working in this area (which is 50,000), lost her job and received official employment. The petition also says that now the priority is to protect domestic producers. For example, banning the use of equipment and software, manufactured outside of Ukraine. At least for the first three years.

In Association of operators of the gambling and lottery business is not against to act as experts and provide assistance to the authorities in this matter.

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from September 29, 2019 approved a bill on legalization of gambling business in Ukraine. In the country the activities of agencies with gambling banned in 2009, and since then attempts to bring them into “the light” has repeatedly failed.