19-year-old apprentice dies mowed by train during photo shoot

Fredzania Thompson, 19, hoped to be spotted by a modeling agency, but the shoot she organized on a railway went very wrong.
Fredzania Thompson aspired to become a model and she wanted to build a book. The young woman of 19 years therefore organized a shooting and asked a photographer to accompany it this Monday 13 March. She chose to frame the railway that crosses Navasota, a small town in Texas. But she had not been prepared for the fact that trains used these trains daily. When she realized that a train was approaching at full speed, she moved away from the lane where she was going to pass. But she realized too late that another train was advancing on the way she had taken refuge and he hit her, reports ABC13 .
Her fiancé, Earl Chapman, had spoken to her the same morning on the phone, just before she went to her shooting. Both had planned to start a family and were pregnant with their first child. According to the photographer who witnessed the accident, she thought she had moved away from the roads so as not to be touched, but that was not enough to save her. His mother, Akamie Stephenson, thinks her daughter’s heels have slowed her down considerably. His relatives and friends went to collect the evening of the drama, a few meters from the accident. An investigation was launched to determine the exact circumstances that led to his death, based in particular on the images taken by the cameras placed on the trains.

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