19 July in St. Petersburg will host a concert in memory of Mikhail Gorsheneva

19 июля в Петербурге пройдет концерт памяти Михаила Горшенева

The life of Mikhail Gorshenev was tragically cut short 5 years ago, July 19. His death was a loss not only for family and close friends, but for the entire Russian rock scene. At the concert on July 19 in the club “A2” (ex. Doctors, 3) the audience will hear all the favourite songs sung by former members of the cult group “the king and the clown” ( Alexander Leont’ev, Yaakov Tsvirkunov, Paul Sazhinov, Alexander Shchigolev, Maria Nefedova, Dmitry Rishko), as well as brother Michael — Alexei Gorshenev (ex-“Kukryniksy)”.

The concert starts at 20: 00.

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