13 October is celebrated as the Day of astronomy

The start of the Day of astronomy (astronomy Day) was given in 1973 in California.

13 жовтня відзначається День астрономії

The start of the Day of astronomy (astronomy Day) was given in 1973 in California. President Astronomical Association of Northern California D. Berger (Doug Berger) decided that it is not necessary to agitate people to travel long distances to visit the open days of the famous observatories, but you need to set the available telescopes in crowded places – on the streets, in malls, parks, informs Rus.Media.

Thus were United all the true lovers of astronomy, and the motto of the new astronomical movement was: “Supporting people to astronomy”.

Astronomy (from the Greek word “star” and “the law”) is one of the oldest Sciences, is the science of the Universe, studying the location, movement, structure, origin and evolution of celestial bodies and systems. In particular, astronomy is studying the Sun and other stars, Solar system planets and their moons, exoplanets, asteroids, comets, meteoroid, interplanetary matter, interstellar matter, nebulae, galaxies and their clusters, black holes and more. Astronomy allows us to see the history of the Universe with my own eyes.

Astronomy day is organized and supported by 14 organizations, among which the most influential are the Astronomical League, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Kingdom Astronomical society of Canada, international Union of Planetariums, the American Astronomical Society.

In 2007, the Astronomical League began to promote the spring and autumn Days of astronomy, to determine which one will attract more attention of the public and interested organizations.

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Spring astronomy Day is usually celebrated on Saturday in the period from mid-April to mid-may, near or before the 1st quarter of the moon.

Autumn astronomy Day is celebrated in the period from mid-September to mid-October. A week from Monday to Sunday, including astronomy Day called Week of astronomy (Astronomy Week).

During the Week of astronomy and especially in the astronomy Day thousands of astronomy clubs, science museums, observatories, planetariums in many countries have carried out many interesting activities aimed at raising public awareness about astronomy and our wonderful universe. This public lectures of famous astronauts, teleconferences, joint projects, mass screenings of the starry sky. The schools hold special lessons on the basics of astronomy, and at exhibitions it is possible to taste space food.

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