$ 115,000 and a deluge in the Outaouais Health Cyclotour

cyclistes-equipe-salut-champion-revenusMother Nature must have a grudge against the Cyclotour Outaouais Health.

Saturday morning, for a third year, severe weather conditions have put obstacles in the way of cyclists who participated in the fundraising campaign of the Gatineau Health Foundation.

In its first edition, in 2014, the Health Cyclotour had taken place during a cold and rainy day in September. The following year, same scenario, despite fingers crossed members of the organization.

This year, the chance could have turned, and the usual heat of July could have benefited to the hundred participants. Faced with an uncertain weather forecast, the Gatineau Health Foundation drew on his last reserves of optimism in deciding not to cancel the activity, but to shorten the two longer distances of 150 and 100 kilometers to graft all cyclists enrolled in the shortest route, the 50 km.

Again, it seems that expectations were too high. Parties of the Gatineau Hospital at 9 am, the 100 cyclists have had time to ride against the wind, until Masson-Angers before torrential rain will fall on them.

The flood has subsided after 11 pm when the first participants came back in the parking lot of the hospital singing in chorus.

would do it again-they? “For sure! exclaims Michel Fauvel, who is in his third. It’s fun, there’s a good camaraderie with cyclists. And it is for a good cause. Hoping that next year, it happens again! ”

$ 115,000 raised for the cause

Definitely, cyclists have the cause of the Campaign birth to heart. The figures prove it: their combined efforts, in addition to contributions from partners, totaling

$ 115,000.

The money will transform the Gatineau Hospital perinatal unit will convert 32 rooms TARP, which will host in a single piece the labor, delivery, rest and postpartum new mothers rather than forcing them to move for each step, as is currently the case.

Completion is scheduled for 2018.

This is part of the same campaign that the Outaouais Birthplace was put into operation in February.

The objective of the campaign is birth to repatriate from Ontario gatinoises 800 births of mothers annually. The total value of both projects amounts to $ 20 million.

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