11 signals that tell that the other person is deceiving you

Not always easy to recognize signs that someone is lying to you.

11 сигналів, які говорять, що співрозмовник вас обманює

And, unfortunately, there is no such method to be one hundred percent sure that the other person is telling the truth. But there are clear signals that indicate lying. Check them out, these signals will increase your alertness in important conversations, informs Rus.Media.

How to understand that you are deceived?

Yes, it is rather difficult.

Research Professor, Leoni Brink, a psychologist at the University of California, and his colleagues testify to the fact, our instincts can quite easily recognize the liar, but our conscious mind often fails us.

Fortunately, there are signs that will help you to identify what you say is not true.

Keep in mind that these signs are only possible signs of dishonesty is not guaranteed proof. Moreover, some liars are so experienced that they can speak the truth without one of these signs.

Here are some signs that will help reveal a lie

People who lie have a tendency to frequently change the position of the head

When you notice that the source dramatically changes the position of the head when asked a direct question, keep in mind that you will tell the truth. According to the psychologist, the head can dramatically spotila ago, to lean towards, or lean forward. This movement takes place immediately before the answer to the question.

Their breathing also changes significantly

When someone tells a lie, his breathing becomes heavier, she says, it’s a reflex action. If you change the breathing propedeutica shoulders, and the voice becomes shallow and superficial. Changes in heart rate and blood flow, so the person may not be getting enough air. You can feel these changes in your body when nervous and tense.

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They try to stand still

Nervous people usually in a hurry, but you should look to people who during conversation still standing. This may be a sign of neurological internal “struggle,” when the body is subconsciously preparing to defend. In ordinary conversation it is quite natural that the body will do a simple, relaxed movements, which in most cases involuntary. So, if your partner stood motionless in one position, it clearly indicates that something is wrong.

Liars often repeat the same words and phrases

This is because they are trying to convince not only you, but also yourself in the veracity of his words. They are trying to confirm the lie in your mind. For example, the interlocutor might say: “I’m not…” again and again. Repetition is also a way to buy yourself time when trying to come up with the answer.

They can provide too much information

If the person resorts to small parts that did not have much impact on the subject – this can be a high probability that you are telling the truth. Liars often talk a lot, because I think that feigned openness and talkativeness will hide the lie.

They can reach the mouth or to cover it up

Obvious sign of lying is that people automatically put a hand to her mouth. This suggests that the other person doesn’t want to answer questions. Hands at the mouth during a conversation means that you will not get accurate information. It is a sign that points directly to the evasion of the conversation.

They tend to instinctively cover vulnerable body parts

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It may be the throat, chest, head or stomach. The psychologist says that often watching this topic in the courtroom when a person gives false testimony – that often puts her hand to her throat.

They are often plucked legs

If a person shifting from foot to foot, then this is evidence of her nervous and uncertain state. The interlocutor unconsciously shows that he wants to leave the conversation, to escape from the situation. This is one of the key ways to detect a liar, just look at his feet.

It becomes difficult to speak

If you ever saw the video of the interrogation of the suspect, you probably noticed that it’s harder to say. This is because the nervous system automatically reduces the flow of saliva during stress, and oral mucosa dry. Another important sign of biting or compressing the lips.

They can look at you without blinking

Everyone knows when people are lying, then avoid direct eye contact, and sometimes even turn away from the interlocutor. Even a skilled liar will continue to look you in the eye, but it will stop blinking the eyes, as usual. So he tries to control himself.

But don’t forget that a symptom of lying is excessive blinking of the eyes.

They use a lot of demonstrative gestures

When a liar becomes hostile and aggressive, you can push on the table to you. If you accuse the interviewee of lying, then, defensively, he will start to use a lot of demonstrative gestures.

So knowing the secrets, beware in the important conversations, don’t be fooled.

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