10 tips for a perfect sleep

When a person has trouble sleeping, the beginning of a new day became her nightmare.

10 порад для ідеального сну

You spend all day in zombie mode, angry, can’t focus on important and so the list goes on. To avoid this, we will tell you about 10 tips that will make your sleep sound, and morning light.

Follow the quality of sleep

To sleep you need to determine your ideal bedtime. The norm for a person is 8 hours, but it all depends on loads during the day and human health. It is therefore important to consider a variety of details that contributed to the relaxation of the body. Because it affects your health during the day.

Change your life style

Often the reason for poor sleep is stress or lack of exercise. Due to stress people can not sleep through the night and in the morning she feels a pain in her head and terrible fatigue. In turn cause poor sleep can serve and lack of exercise. The person who conducts an inactive way of life or engaged in sedentary work in the office will be bad to sleep. It is therefore important to start exercise and keep your body in good shape. To do this, you can begin to do morning exercises or start Jogging. This approach will allow you to not only sleep well but also to keep your body in shape. The sport also relieves stress and puts the mind in a more relaxed state.


To sleep was strong, must adhere to certain rules:

  • The room should be dark;
  • Ventilate the room before bedtime;
  • Your bed should be comfortable;
  • Computer, lamp, household appliances – all must be turned off;
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If you follow these rules, your sleep will be much better.

Create a habit

Your brain is configured to optimize living processes. It is important that people adhere to a certain regime of work, rest and sleep. So you need to create your sleep. You should go to bed and get up at the same time. This way your body will function as efficiently and you won’t experience stress in the beginning of the day.

Learn to relax

To relax before sleep, you can use a number of ways:

  • Listen to relaxing music;
  • Herbal tea;
  • Meditation;

It is also important not to overeat and do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Sleep during the day

If you do not have enough time to sleep, use short breaks during the day. This will restore peace of mind and to reduce the negative effect of lack of sleep. You don’t have to have a good sleep, you can just take a NAP. Even such primitive sleep will improve your health.

Get rid of the noise

Often the noise is the main cause of poor quality sleep. Even if you fall asleep, your brain continues to process the sound that is around you. So you need to get rid of excess noise by using ear plugs or in other ways, informs Rus.Media.

Quit, or forget about normal sleep

Smokers sleep through much worse effect on their body of nicotine. This substance can adversely affect the nervous system. So over the years, a heavy smoker begins to experience not only health problems, but with sleep.

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Stop thoughts

After a rough day in the human head may be too many thoughts. Man begins to scroll through them in your mind and can’t sleep. Therefore, it is important to learn to stop the flow of thoughts by using various techniques. For example, you can start to follow your breath or heartbeat. Thus, you will be able to relax and sleep.

Drink water

During sleep the body loses a lot of water. So in the morning it is recommended to drink a glass of water to feel better. With water you pagatavoa the body for active work and restore the reserves lost in the night.


Everything in life depends on you. If you want a good sleep, you need to create the necessary conditions for this. Nobody cares about your dream but you. So do not forget that your sleep and your mood in the morning depends solely on you.

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