10 million more for the parents of disabled children

familles-enfant-lourdement-handicape-toucheront(QUEBEC) Following a battle conducted by the Parents grouping to the end, the government announced Wednesday Couillard additional assistance of $ 10 million per year for families severely disabled child.

They will receive $ 947 a month more, aid will be non-taxable and indexed annually. This “Supplement for handicapped children”, administered by Retirement Quebec, will be paid on 1 September and retroactive to April 1. About 900 children would be covered.

“This is an exceptional measure for children with special needs,” said Minister of Education and the Family, Sébastien Proulx, at the exit of a meeting of the Cabinet. “It is helping these families with very severely disabled children, who have no autonomy and that it takes special care. These are children who need to be force-fed, fed intravenously, I’ll spare you the details, “added the Minister for Social Services, Lucie Charlebois.

Born in February 2015, the Parent consolidation through denounced the families of severely disabled child receive government aid less generous than the host families. “He had shown that it was more advantageous to have her child in an intermediate resource at home. this inequity, “said Mr. Proulx is just correct. The gap was estimated at $ 12 800 per year. The new government aid represents 11 300 $.

Quebec studied the request of parents through the last year. “Maybe for people that could be long, but we must make the right decisions at the right time with the right resources,” explained Lucie Charlebois. “Yes, it should have been done ten years ago maybe, but the request came there, and you know, that’s how life is made as quickly as possible. “She said the parents” have not completely lost out “since the funding will be retroactive.

On his Facebook page, the Parents consolidation through praised for having “achieved great gain.”

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