10 female “chips” that excite men

10 женских "фишек", которые возбуждают мужчин

The expert of psychology of relations Yaroslav Samoylov very clearly told about what women’s “chips” are most attracted to men. Read about it in the Clutch material.

1. A good appetite

When the woman with the lean person chews lettuce and constantly sitting on a diet is not sexy. From the point of view of banal biology men are attracted to good appetite, because he speaks of good health.

2. Hands

Graceful hands is one of the most attractive elements of the female body. Most men like a gentle, well-groomed hands with neat manicure.

3. Voice

Men are attracted to delicate and soft, feminine voice. First and foremost, for them it’s not what you say but how you say it.

4. Hair

Men love soft, light, fragrant, pleasant to the touch hair. And there is no matter is curls, curls or sleek straight, blonde or brunette you important natural.

5. Figure

The man first drew attention to the ratio of the volume of the chest, waist and hips, and not so a woman comes by modern standards.

6. Lips

Despite the fact that in most cases men like plump lips, they, too, should look natural. Silicone is almost always noticeable and alienates rather than attracts.

7. Legs

Long legs are a sign of femininity, but this does not mean that low girls should fall into despair. High heel, skirt or skinny jeans — the choice is yours, correctly assembled, the image will always play in your favor.

8. Shoulders

Men love the exposed shoulders and collarbone, because these are signs of femininity. And it’s not particularly important to their width.

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9. Neck

The neck is one of the most vulnerable places in the human body. Perhaps that is why it is so attractive — as a demonstration of your weakness and trust the man. Men love it when you lift or straighten the hair, exposing the neck, casually.

10. Eyes

The words of men about the beauty of women’s eyes, few people take seriously, especially compliments. But one glance can inflame literally half a second. Flirty and embarrassed look of a man perceived as an invitation to dialogue and commitment on your part. The eye color does not matter.

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