10 couples the perfect : companion for a candidate, 8 months pregnant, found dead-murdered – Here

The girlfriend pregnant ex-candidate of the issuance of 10 couples perfect has been found dead at the home of his mother in which she spent the end of pregnancy.

It is the shock to Ustaritz, a village close to Bayonne in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. As reported BFMTV, a young pregnant woman of 8 was found dead at the home of his mother Wednesday night. It is his spouse, who did not live with her, who has been discovered lifeless, and alerted the police. The victim, 23-year-old, was found naked, bound hand and foot, and the wounded face.

For the moment, a source close to the investigation has revealed that ” no track was privileged “. The spouse of the victim has been the subject of toxicological tests. In shock, he was supported by the Uas, said BFMTV, reveals that the young man is known to have participated in the reality show, the 10 Couples perfect, released this summer on NT1. If his name has not been disclosed, we know that this is a student in sophrology in Bordeaux.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Bayonne has revealed that the victim had been found ” on the bed of the bedroom, wrists and ankles tied up, blindfolded, and gagged with cloths “. The young woman was discovered by her husband ” in the apartment she was occupying in the property of her mother, absent at the time of the facts “. No trace of break-in, however, was not observed.

Then an autopsy must be performed, the prosecutor referred to a ” criminal act is especially violent “. He explained that the causes of the deaths could be related to ” destraumatismes violent and repeated, to the front mainly, combined perhaps with a possible process of asphyxiation related to the gag she had in the mouth.” The investigation is ongoing.

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