10 Couples perfect : the father of Olivier, whose girlfriend was killed at 8 months of pregnancy, it is expressed – Here

We learned this morning of the death in horrific conditions of the campaign of a candidate from the issuance of 10 Couples perfect. Michel Spain, the father of Olivier former candidate, and a companion of the deceased, speaks for the first time.

Olivier Spain, a former candidate for the program 10 Couples perfect, live since a few days a drama atrocious. His girlfriend, eight months pregnant, their child, died in very violent circumstances on Wednesday 13 September. He was found naked, bound and gagged, baillons deep in the mouth and with traces of blows to the face.

If the applicant’s identity had not been unveiled, while many of the details allowed to identify it, it is now done. Contacted by South West, Michel Spain, the father of the young man, confirms that his son is ” still in shock “, as the daily writes, the scene he saw. Olivier Spain has been supported by the hospital of Bayonne, where he enjoys “a psychological support,” says South-West.

Samuel Vuelta Simon, the chief prosecutor of the Republic of Bayonne in charge of investigating the case, had called the murder a” crime particularly violent “. The statement follows its course, and according to the autopsy results, the 23-year old woman would have died asphyxiated because of the gag, which hindered its ” upper airway “.

In the course of the investigation, the gendarmes of the Research Section of Pau, have also established that there was no trace of break-in at the home where lived the young woman. During a press conference held yesterday, of which South West has echoed the colonel Laurent Lesaffre, head of the research unit, said that fifty policemen were mobilized in order to make the faster the light on this drama.

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